Pregnancy Nook: Flashback to Week 6 and 7

September 24-October 7, 2012

Wake-up, Run, Work, little bug time, sleep: repeat.

Welcome to week 6 and 7. Hell week in terms of irritability and tiredness. Head-to-desk was a very familiar position during work hours. Coffee tasted like metal, therefore that was out, and journal entries were short, brief to-the-point:

Super Tired. 
Horribly tired and irritable.
I hate feeling this tired.
I’m so excited about not being tired. 

Cravings: Cheese and granola

Excited about…buying something for the baby. Going out for Indian curry!

Workouts for Week 6:
Mon: 4 mile work run,  BodyRockers Workout, Lunch walk 1 mile
Tue: 4 mile work run
Wed: 4 mile work run,BangUp Body Workout
Thu: 4 mile work run, 50 each pushups, deep plie squats, dips
Fri: 4 mil work run
Sat: rest

Week 6: Belly

Week 7’s excitement surrounded baby’s first ultra sound. Having baby 2 in America was going to be a all-around learning experience. The only knowledge I have are from documentaries, Pregtastic podcasts and stories from friends.  Much of European television showcases American pregnancies as expensive, cold, uncaring, simply “a business”…an event which the mother-to-be really has little control over. What would we be getting ourselves into. Lucky for me I was able to watch American TV shows which highlighted amazing care by nursing staff and this is exactly what we witnessed first-hand at this appointment. We interacted with about 4 staff members, each with a big smile and “congratulations!” Our ultrasound technician was open to all questions and very thorough. The ultrasound took about 20 minutes and it was easy to see our baby’s heartbeat! Baby measured in 7 weeks 1 day, we were only 2 days off  (as compared with about a week off with Vienna). The second time around was just as great as the first! The technician never hesitated to explain exactly what she was looking at, looking for and measuring. What I appreciated most was that we weren’t rushed through the appointment.

After blood work (which I swear was double from what I provided in Spain) we met with the nurse practitioner who was a rock star. I didn’t have too many questions for her as I decided to save them for our doctor (week 11) but I did get a reassurance that I could continue on with all my workouts as long as none of them caused pain and I didn’t let myself get too out of breath.

On the work front, I made up a huge story to my co-worker why I was late. I told her I went in for my yearly check-up but that they had to do extra testing since I hadn’t had a check-up in 3 years. I made up a whole sob story how it was very painful and the nurse had no idea what she was doing! He, he, he…I’m a horrible liar, my face gives me away so the fact that I was carrying this off was Oscar-worthy material!

Cravings for Week 7:
Bread, healthy foods like salads

Symptoms for Week 7: a few queasy afternoons but no sickness, insane case of zombie tiredness, short snappy moments in the evenings

Workouts for Week 6/7 (reset due date from doctors office):
Mon: 4 mile work run
Tue: 4 mile work run
Wed: 4 mile work run
Fri: 45 min run
Sat: 45 min run, Bang It Out workout

Coming up: Week 8…having the flu during pregnancy


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