Pregnancy Nook: Flashback to Week 4 and 5

Septermber 9-23, 2012

Week one after finding out was the same as any other week, except for the fact that we were now keeping a secret! I love a good secret and what better one to have!

I started journaling immediately in my Valentines Day pressie from Hubby. I journaled all through my first pregnancy so I’m excited to see the compare and contrast with the two!

Week 4 consisted of many cramps and tingling in my chest; other than this, I felt like myself. Then I thought too soon and Week 5 hit me like a train. Instant tiredness. By 1 pm I felt like I’d run a marathon. Concentrating at work was nearly impossible unless I was on the phone. By 7 pm I’d be on the couch reading to little bug hoping and praying I wouldn’t fall asleep while reading Pinkalicious. By 9:30pm, after prepping food for the next day, it was be lights out and into bed. Ahhh!!!

Sneaky Moments:
1. What looked like drinking to my parents was really a pre-planned non-alcoholic beer set out in advance by hubby
2. The after work champagne given on my birthday, was given to hubby
3. Our work volunteered to work the beer tent, I poured my wine into a to-go coffee mug and simply pretended to drink

Remember, they all think that we aren’t trying until October and with my co-worker already being pregnant, the focus is shifted towards her! This is going to be an easy tease. (Present note: my other co-worker announced that she was pregnant a few weeks after this time.)

Nutritional Shifts:
Eating healthy isn’t an issue but I wanted to cut out unnecessary processed snacking and replace with whole food snacking. Instead of snatching a few handful’s of a co-workers cheese crackers, I’d have a piece of fruit instead. Oranges, adding more calcium as well as a better variety of vegetables was also important. A summer full of zucchini was not going to cut it. And if I really needed/wanted a treat, I made sure it was my absolute favorite…aka Eileen’s Cookies!

Here’s a few meals I ate throughout these two weeks.
Breakfasts = 1.) Homemade healthy flapjack with milk and fresh fruit. 2.) Oatmeal muffin with organic yogurt and fresh strawberries. 3.) Old-fashioned oats mixed with yogurt and fresh berries

Lunches = 1.) Veggie burger with baby carrots and pickled beets. 2.) Black beans mixed with green peppers, onion, sunflower seeds with apple cider vinegar. 3.) Spinach salad and an apple and baby carrots dipped in PB

Suppers = 1.) Beef burrito with spinach, carrot and cucumber salad. 2.) Tatar Tot casserole 3.) Large salad with chicken, and steamed broccoli and carrots with cheese

Snacks = 1.) Fresh fruit: oranges, apples, bananas. 2.) Dried fruit and nuts: peanuts, apricots, raisins, cranberries

Workout Busters:
I’ll continue being a runner as long as my body tells me so. My BodyRock workouts are being modified slightly and I’ll add in more personalized programs as well. I’m proud and very grateful that I was able to workout up until I had little bug; I’m hoping history will repeat itself.

Workouts for Week 4:
Mon: 4 mile work run,  Hot Workout
Tue: 4 mile work run, 2.5 mile lunch walk, Slim and Sexy Workout , one round of each of the Game Time & Get It Here Workout
Wed: 4 mile work run, 1.5 mile lunch walk, gym workout at hubby’s work (Elliptical, bike, back, triceps and quads)
Thu: 4 mile work run
Fri: 2 mile lunch walk
Sat: rest

Workouts for Week 5:
Sun: 3 mile run
Mon: 4 mile work run, 12 Minute Magic Workout
Tue: 4 mile work run, 12 Minute Madness Workout, bit of yoga
Wed: 4 mile work run and 1 mile walk during lunch break
Thu: 4 mile work run, 3 rounds of Dream Body Workout
Fri: 4 mile work run, 2 mile walk during lunch break

I did find myself strangely out of breath at times in which case I slowed it down, but other than that, all workouts felt no different during workouts.

The Belly: no pics were taken during week 4; those will start next week. I don’t own a scale (by choice), that’s not to say we won’t get one but I’m not bothered either way, so I will probably rely mostly on the doctors scale to tell me my weight gains.

Week 5: Belly Shots

Coming Up: Our first doctors appointment and Getting the Flu during pregnancy!


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