Pregnancy Nook: Finding Out (4 weeks)

Sunday, September 9, 6:30am
I can’t sleep. My bladder is full. I am not yet ready to potentially be disappointed or be excited. Will my in-laws hear? Will we be able to keep it quiet? Ok, just pee. Pee now. Pee later. Take test later. Not ready to find out.

Ok, I’m ready. Shaking I pull the last pregnancy test out from our secret hiding spot and then hide it again in my dressing gown pocket. I’m just hoping my father-in-law isn’t awake yet.

Back in the tiny bathroom, I do a quick read-over of the instructions. Like I REALLY need to do this, but who knows, maybe the instructions have changed 😉

Stopwatch on the phone is ready. I do my business, pop the cap on and wait. I distract myself by starting to wash my face.

1 minute later…

Oh, shit, a result already! Oh my god, oh my god…please stay that way for the next two minutes!

My reaction…a silent reaction, but a reaction. I look in the mirror and door a silent scream with my arms in the air.

Time to tell hubs.

The elation in his eyes was love, nothing but love.

On September 9th (the last day my in-laws were visiting from Spain), this is how we found out we were pregnant.

It was time to start the secret. I’m a good secret keeper.


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