Sweet Sunday

Family fitness, library run, lots of homemade food love, painting, play-doh, Wizard of Oz movie night and more…I had a Sweet Sunday and weekend for that matter.

I found myself exhausted and overstretched as I worked 2 early mornings at my other job and yearned for nothing more than a bottomless cup of coffee. Luckily, I have a different from of caffeine: a 2-year-old.

We had a fantastic weekend filled with lots of mommy-daughter activities.

Sunday, hubby joined the fun and we went on a fantastic run/bike. I on legs, hubby and baby on wheels.

Ambitious to-do lists went unfinished. I’m ok with that. It was more fun making meals together with little bug, making pictures for family and learning her letters through play-doh and reading and re-reading her new library books. Here are some bits + pieces of our weekend (aka, a lot of pics of baby)!

Being at work today feels like a picnic compared to the craziness of the weekend!


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