31 Feels So Good

As I look at the title of the post which I just typed out, I stared in awe at the number 3 and 1 together with no space. It looks awkward, almost as if those numbers need a spell check or auto-correct. As strange as the combination of numbers look, the feeling is nothing but that.

At 31, I have Zero complaints. I have reached the age of comfort within myself spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Teenage and twenty-something insecurities have been long forgotten and been replaced by confidence, peace and strength.

The lines that form around my eyes are not that of an aging woman but of a morning early bird. And when I smile, the lines deepen and those lines are stories only a mother can tell.

Gone are endless hours and wasted money at the gym; at 31, I workout less but sweat smarter and harder and I feel stronger than ever.

My life’s adventures have kept me more engaged now than ever. TV, shopping, magazines and gossip sites have been replaced with outdoor adventures, travel, live music,  books and documentaries. Experiencing, seeing, smelling, tasting and listening to all the awesomeness in this world is a type of education I will gladly take a lifetime to learn!

Here are my snapshots of my first day of being 31!
Early bday gift from the inlaws. I can feel the cold of winter running already!

Nice brekkie before 4 miles to work (you’ll see later why I ran a longer distance)
Snacks were baby carrots and PB as well as cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden!
Lunchtime Treat with mom: Sardine flatbread from Manchego . Salty awesomeness
Surprise birthday cakes (and 2 cookie cakes from co-workers) as well as a surprise solo from lil’ bug singing ‘appee birday mommeeee
Double Shoe Heaven from the hubby! 1 pair for pain, 1 for pleasure…can you tell which is which?
Living room picnic with beer cheese fondue from chef hubby.

I was a great day, a wonderful day.

Attitude is everything at any age. I’m taking 31 by the horns and showing “it” how “it’s” done!

Define your age and be proud whatever that age may be!



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2 responses to “31 Feels So Good

  1. Rondi Hanssen

    Happy Belated Birthday Kristen. Love your blog!..God Bless your beautiful family!

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