Nutrition Nook: Lunchbox Love

Instead of blogging and writing of my fitness and nutrition nerdy-ness lately, I have been enjoying the summer with my girl. Going to the parks, feeding ducks, enjoying the garden, having tea parties, hitting up lots of events downtown and more…I’ve simply been busy basking in the summer.

Little bug is talking and babbling non-stop and becoming very independent in her own little way.

Mommeee ‘Elper is her new title. From supper, setting the table to cleaning up, she’s always by my side. I think it’s pretty cool.

I’ve been bustin’ out crazy healthy lunches even more-so since the garden exploded.

Zucchini overtakes the fridge and therefore is my lunchtime and suppertime staple. I’m still enjoying it over a month later since the 1st batch and I even prefer it cold these days!

Tee-nee tiny veggies from the garden + beans + balsamic= easy peasy salads.

This week’s salad has sunflower seeds, kidney beans, carrots, green pepper, red onions, quinoa, cucumber, zucchini (again), lentils and balsamic vinegar. Filling, healthy and refreshing.

Work snacks have been bananas and muchin’ on whatever I can snatch from my co-workers desk (Cheez Its this week). I’ve been keeping it easy lately because some very important people are visiting next week!!

My in-laws are making the big trip over for 12 days! It feels like we were just in Spain and now they’re gonna be here in less than a week. Lots to do and make plus a big weekend of fun planned!!

Have a happy and healthy weekend!


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