Nutrition Nook: Stuck in a Breakfast Rut

I desparately need a bit more creativity in my brekkie lately.

…that, and an additional 10 minutes in the morning.

I must be on day 25, no make that 45 of having the same Monday thru Friday breakfast: Herbalife shake and a handful of whatever fruit I’m using to prep little bug’s breakfast delicacy (oatmeal with fruit and yog if you must know).

At 6:20am before my run to work, I simultaneously get bug’s brekkie prep for the husband and eat/drink mine. Some pancakes, oatmeal, a muffin, a fruit & yogurt parfait or even a fruit salad…I just need to spice things up a bit before boredom sends me bingeing on cold pizza. (I’m not judging, we’ve all been there. Plus, cold pizza is like the best!)

But with having to be out the door by no later than 6:45/6:50 I have little time to think nor do I want to think that early already!

I aim for something slightly more creative for the weekend, so I’m planning ahead and have all the ingredients ready to make this!

Blueberry Baked Oatmeal casserole, except we’ll use strawberries as well! Thank you pintrest and the friend who pinned it. Little bug and I should have a great little breakfast for a good few days 🙂 Happy, healthy momma; happy healthy baby!

I have yet to decide what the weekend plans are but if it’s half as good as last weekend we’ll be a’ok 🙂



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2 responses to “Nutrition Nook: Stuck in a Breakfast Rut

  1. Julie Carlson

    Thanks for the recipe idea! I happened to have the ingredients on hand and it’s in te oven as we speak. Excited to try this, thanks!

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