Nutrition Nook: Lunchbox Love…Sweating Zucchini

My sweat sweats…that’s how hot it’s been in Rapid City! According to “everyone” in town, this is the worst draught/heat wave recorded in history for this area.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about? I mean, who doesn’t enjoy bathing in their own sweat within minutes of stepping outside? Don’t you enjoy the fact that it’s pointless to do your hair, put on makeup, or dress in anything but underwear and a sports bra? Isn’t it fun that 1 beer sends you half way to the moon?  Aren’t you thrilled that you just “don’t feel” like eating because it’s so hot? Aren’t you enjoying coming home to a house that’s 84 degrees? No? Okay then, you’re no fun.

I’ve punched the sun in the face by keeping up with running or biking to work! Ha, take that! I’m gross for the remainder of the day, don’t get me wrong, but luckily I’m pretty valued at my job and they’ve accepted my nastiness for what it is.

My lunches for this week have consisted of a whole ‘lotta ZUCCHINI.

I am sole eater of the Zucchini in my house and I’m trying my darndest to keep up.

I have about 10 recipes pintrested but the simple oven baked wedges appeal to me most.
400 degrees, turning once. My oven is ancient so don’t ask me how long I keep ’em in for. Once they look almost burnt, they’re done for me.

In combination with this I’ve been whipping up a quick cold bean salad on Saturday nights to last me through the work week.
This lineup consists of quinoa, lentils, kidney beans, spring onion, broccoli, green pepper and carrots. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil mold it all together. I would define this as one of those “kitchen sink” salads. I just kept adding any and every vegetable that needed using up.
I’m pretty much lazy when it comes to heating up anything for work lunches so the cold bean salad combo does the trick. Plus, who wants hot food with our toasty summer.

Snacks are usually apples and coffee but on this day I threw in a quick mini fruit and yog parfait in fear that my local granola was getting soggy!

Simple does it these days. With running to work, I have zero time to get into an in-depth fridge debate every morning. I have everything packed and wrap tightly the night before, and if I don’t feel like eating what I brought well then it’s tough nuggets because I have no choice!

On the personal front, we had special visitors from the east side…Sioux Falls that is!
I was very pleased with about 30 minutes of cuddles and he liked me so much that I got a bit of spit-up action. Little bug was on her best behavior and I was really impressed with how she handled seeing another baby in my arms.

Don’t get too excited by that last comment…my little one is now turning into a hardcore daddy’s girl so little by little the clingy-ness is getting better!

Have a happy and healthy weekend 🙂 Tomorrow it’s a full-blown family Super Sweet Sunday!!


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