Commuting by Legs: Saving 1 gallon at a time

$100 down…$384 to go. The fitness nerd/tree-hugger in me has always wanted to live running or biking distance from work and now that I do, I’m putting the money saved to good use: plane tickets. For everyday I commute by legs, I put approximately 1 gallon of gas money in my money tin. Come November I’m hoping to buy one of our plane tickets to Chicago for hubby’s 28th birthday blowout! (What a youngster he is!)

You might be thinking how could I possibly use up 1 gallon of gas each day? Well…our back-up vehicle we’ll just say easily uses a gallon of gas for a ’roundtrip to downtown. Also, I’m not a fan of driving pickups…I’m more comfortable driving a pair of Asics!

So here’s what our household saves each month by only owning 1 car:
Car payment = $250 (average we’ll say)
Insurance = $50
Gas = $120 ($30 a week is what we were paying when borrowing the pickup)
TOTAL SAVINGS: $420 (source)

Now if only I saved $420 in my money tin! I have made 1 splurge item for my efforts: a proper backpack…what a difference!

This was before…

…a constant struggle with the straps as well major shoulder dig.


Loads of pockets, good fit and once it’s on I forget that it’s even there.

On other health news, the garden is exploding with organic veggie goodness!

And my little 2-year-old’s coordination has come a long way; she can now get through an entire Zumba song without resting! Well, okay, she might not be “doing” Zumba but spinning, running around, hand clapping…it’s all Zumba-like right?!

It looks like I have a proper little workout partner 🙂

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