Let’s talk about form and FROSTING

Form or Frosting…which one first?

Let’s talk about Form…Jillian Michaels-style. So the famous (former) trainer from the Biggest Loser supposedly put out a great workout series titled “Body Revolution.”  As a Body Rock TV advocate and Insanity-ner, I wasn’t up for anything new until hubs said the workouts were 30 minutes. Via Facebook friends, I heard the 30 minutes are 30 minutes well spent. I can try anything for a 1/2 hour…right?

My thoughts

+ PROS +
Transition from beginner level to intermediate to advanced
Lots of modifications
Motivating attitude, she says just the right thing at the right time
Exercise breakdown “Let’s talk about form” is great for beginners
Workouts vary a lot
Realistic and doable

– CONS –
You need equipment (I prefer bodyweight workouts)
If you are looking for a sweaty-kick-your-booty-heart-pounding workout, I’d skip ahead. The beginning weeks drag too much for my style and I felt I was looking at the timer every minute.

Summary: I won’t be running to her workouts daily, but she’ll make a nice back-up when I would like a shorter routine. If you are just starting out and want to vary cardio and weights, this is a great workout for you and the transition to advanced levels is ideal for muscle confusion.

So last Friday after doing this first workout, I needed “something” to eat…you know what that “something” is right? It’s that food you can’t put your finger on. It needs to be sweet, yet salty and obviously unhealthy. With a minimum amount of food in the house, it was a constant open/close the cupboards and ‘fridge game. And then this…

Jackpot. Sweet, Salty, Guilty feelings, this did it all…

And more…check out the label.

“Excess consumption may cause a LAXATIVE effect”…due to crap you can’t pronounce or grow on trees or in the soil.

It’s no wonder, right? Check out the ingredients…2 natural ingredients!

And incase you don’t understand calories and nutrition, they summarize it on the front label!

About 3-4 tablespoons, about 10 pretzel bites and a good label read later and I wasn’t loving it so much anymore.

But fast-forward to the present…I am having a chilled and relaxing weekend. Hope you are too!


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