Bits + Pieces

It was hot. The chain came off my bike 4 times on the way home. My hands were gross and I had nothing to wipe them off with. I worked a few hours too many this week at 2 jobs. It was hot. Friday: I am so glad it’s Friday. I get the whole weekend with my girl, part of it with hubby and my brother and his family are heading in on Sunday; it’s going to be a fabulous weekend!! Here are a few bits and pieces of my night with little bug.

1. cooling off with the fan; 2. Blow-drying; 3. Combing; 4. Little bun; 5. Pigs like Potatoes; 6. Each Peach Pear Plum; 7. Mama joins the fun; 8. Time to water the garden; 9. Tomato progress; 10. Pullin’ weeds.

Happy Weekend to All. Bed time for this gal!

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