The adventures of running to work a.k.a. – dodge car

It’s a yellow light, I can make it! CRAP, go faster, go faster.

Please see me car. Oh good, you did.

Seriously…it’s f-in hot at 7am!

What are you looking at d-bag in your jacked-up gas guzzler.

McDonald’s drivethru packed…no comment.

I cannot wait to sleep in on Saturday.

Yeah, someone else running to work…no, they’re just teenagers trudging along for summer training.

These are just a few samples of what runs through my head on my way to work. This week marks 6 weeks that I have ran or biked to work for at least 1 day.

Week 1: ran/walked to work once
Week 2: ran to work twice
Week 3: ran to work twice and biked once and also biked home once
Week 4: biked once, ran three times
Week 5: ran 5 times to work!!!!
Week 6 (present week): ran to work both days thus far.

3.5 miles…that’s how far I live from my job, and it’s pretty much a nice straight shot. Hubs and I are fortunate to work about 4 blocks apart and with contrasting schedules, we make it work so that he either picks me up while doing errands or daycare pickups at 5 or I run/bike back home! Go green baby.

Also, I’ve been a lazy-bum when it comes to my running, so…problem solved!

Let’s get one thing straight, it’s not easy. If I do not prep food, clothes, running gear and getting ready gear the night before, my morning will be a disaster. Sleeping-in is not an option.

Breakfast prep and work food prep means feeding myself while simultaneously getting little bug’s ready for hubs while packing up work lunch and snacks.

Laying out the clothes for work and clothes for run/bike to work:

This is rather annoying, especially at the end of the night. But man does it feel great moving the legs and breathing in the fresh air early in the morning (even in pass-out-worthy heat). This also means I get extra little bug time since I don’t need to squeeze in a workout after 5 and before 8!

And with all this heat, little bug and I getting some great use from all these birthday presents!

Dragging her kitchen into our kitchen was genius…I cook, she “cooks;” I clean up, she “cleans up.”  It’s such a simple idea, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!

I’m working on my specialty: rainbows and trees…or is that a piece of broccoli!



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