Summer Bucket List

June 20th…the first day of summer…is HERE! Instead of ending the summer with “I wish I had…,” or “Why didn’t we…,” begin the summer with a plan! Enter…the summer bucket list, courtesy of this girl!

bucket list
I love it. The List Maker in me is cartwheeling madly!
While you think about your list, here’s a sneak peek into mine. Additions will be happening 😉
  • visit the ’72 Flood exhibit at the Journey Museum
  • complete the downtown President’s Walk
  • Hike Harney Peak
  • Canoe or kayak
  • read 3 books
  • make homemade pizza crust
  • eat ice-cream at the local joint Armadillos
  • sew 1 item
  • take more walks with my mom
  • visit Custer State Park
  • make homemade crackers
  • visit 5 tourist attractions that I’ve never been to (or at least not in the past year)
  • go-carting
  • support local farmers and artisans at the farmer’s market
  • more playdates or friend dates
  • write postcards…(real postcards, not virtual)

What’s on your list…tell me, I may have to steal your ideas!!


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