Baby Nook: Little Bug turns 2!

2 years ago today, I was just getting home from a 4-day hospital stay after having the dreaded c-section delivery of my little bug.

Yup, c-section! For those of you who didn’t get the privilege of knowing me during bug’s pregnancy, I was going for a natural, hippie, granola birth.

That’s me…10 days pre-baby. I worked out almost everyday and even ran the day I gave birth, I ate by the book but unfortunatly…that doesn’t mean jack smack in terms of hippie birth and my doctor and according to her “my pelvis tilt” gave me 1 option…the unplanned C-section.

I’m blaming karma…did you know I never wanted children…well I never wanted children until I met hubby and my niece Savannah-banana…anyhow, that’s another story…

2 years later, I’m still bitter about the birthing method…but man, oh, man…who cares when you have this at 8am!

Our little girl is 2. Friday was the big day. Friday birthday’s rock because not only is 1 day singled out for celebration, but basically that means  an entire weekend is blocked off!

The Waby tradition is to open pressies first thing in the morning. Both grandparents were present in one way or another…god bless FaceTime!

The other beauty of a “weekend” birthday…spreading the gifts over 3 days. Let’s face it, 2-year-olds (baby’s for that matter) get a lot of loot. Kids toys are pretty cheap which = a house full of pressies.

Oh, I forgot to give the warning…this post is pretty much meant for family, friends and anyone who wants to see a whole lotta little bug. I totally get it if you click out at this point. No feelings hurt. There will be minimum wordage so if you have a bit of A.D.D or at work and wasting time, this will be right up your street 😉

AND btw, there were 2…2 successful big girl potty stories for birthday weekend. 2…coincidence? I think not.

We crammed in as much birthday fun as possible between our working schedules: water park, cake making, toy playing, pizza eating, there were no minutes or nap times wasted!

2 great things about this cake…1. google images: thank you for taking the thinking out of the equation for me. I simply typed in “minnie mouse cake” and bam, a gazillion ideas. 2. My mom: we figured that she has decorated over 100 cakes, therefore she was able to decorate this cake in record time with her signature homemade frosting. Thank you Mom for taking all my cake stress away!

Sunday was party day. We kept it super small and easy at Canyon Lake park with a traditional BBQ and with Sunday being Father’s Day, there was double to celebrate!

Bug’s sassed it out with Target from head to toe. I could have obsessed for weeks of Etsy searches or going to multiple expensive sites, but let’s be real…she’s 2 and 2-year-old girls look cute in garbage bags. She was ready to play and play she did!

We were so excited about the few kids that we invited…they all played well and there were no tears…until it was time to go home.

Now if you are expecting a big ol’ dressed up Minnie & Mickey Mouse duet with prima ballerinas dancing around then you have forgotten that I’m an old-fashioned South Dakota girl…I do it old school and let kids run around and make up their own games until they’re stinky and sweating and hungry for cake!

This was preceded by more pressies….and more cake!

I’m so proud of her. Not one whine, one tear, one tantrum. She was a happy-go-lucky poster child for well-behaved 2-year-olds. I wish that meant the next 12 months would be just like that…but I’m pretty sure “terrible 2’s” became a cliché for a reason!

I am gobsmacked, boggled, amazed and amused at this girl…any child for that matter and how much happiness they bring to the lives of those around them, especially their grandparents and parents. I never have questioned why I became a parent…and I’m positive I never will.


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