Travel Nook: Bits + Pieces of Salt Lake City

This is a tale of 2 girls who ventured off on their own, on a plane to a land far, far away…Salt Lake City! Night before was rest, pack, and rest.


Although the plane ride was under 2 hours, it was still hard without hubby. But we still managed to have a little fun!

I had no idea what a beautiful place Salt Lake is. The temps were 70-80s, everything was bright green, the mountains were so beautiful they looked out of a movie scene, everything was so crisp and clean and the houses were amazing with loads of character. I can understand why it’s easy to fall in love with the area.

But we were not there to be tourists. We were there to see 4 very special people: my fast-as-a-super-hero nephew and my cheeky-smiley niece…and my brother and his wife of course 😉 They  are moving later this summer so this was my last chance to cram in a visit to Salt Lake!

This was a weekend for kid songs, play parks and play dates! And oh man, did we get those in!!!! Here are a few Bits + Pieces of our weekend.

My brother, the music man, entertained as always by singing the classics to the kiddos…Raffi classics that is!

The best park I’ve ever been to was in Salt Lake, Liberty Park. It had a great sprinkler area, multiple jungle gyms and ponds with lots of rock climbing!

I was shattered from the weekend! My nephew is 4…did I ever have that much energy at 4? It was go-go-go-go all day. I couldn’t believe when 9:30 would hit and I wanted nothing but to be in bed!

I missed hubby worse than ever but it was worth it to reconnect with my brother and his family. Even though our visit was short, there’s so much I’ve learned from watching them parent and asking them questions and learning how I can not only be a better parent, but a better person as well.


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