What defines a good workout?

After taking Sunday off from working out to focus on my sick little bug, not working out was NOT an option. Today was definitely a Motivation Monday! May it be a motivation Monday for you as well…and Tuesday and Wednesday and so on AND if you fall off the wagon and eat a bit of crap covered in cheese, chocolate and wine, have no fear. Just give yourself a little pep talk, have a mini workout and plan better for next time!

Speaking of planning. I have been back to planning most of my meals as well as little bugs and I must say it feels SO good. My Saturday night plan, after working out, I had a little living room picnic/date with myself, Black Swan and a nice healthy supper of sauteed spinach, roasted red cabbage (it was yuck, but I ate it anyways) and sardines….don’t ask about sardines, it never liked them until the past few years. Oh, and red wine, I can’t forget about the wine. As a type-A crazy Virgo, meal planning erases a lot of stupid stress; after all it’s just food, why get so stressed and obsessed! Tonight though I made these healthy, easy, natural chicken nuggets! YUM. Best I’ve had and made! I omitted the parm cheese and baked them in the oven to make the nuggets healthier and less messy.

If you aren’t interested in the recipe, at least read some bits on her blog. If you are a health junkie or want to find motivation to be one, the lady is really inspiring. After living in Spain for 4 years and becoming terrified of US meat products, it was nice to read about someone else who feels the same way as I do about certain meat and food issues.

The other best thing about these nuggets is that little bug ate them! She’s not a big chicken lover yet and so I was very proud when she kept going for more 🙂 Victory Momma! We burned off all the calories by partaking in our ritual pillow fight/jumping on the bed!

So I have this theory that if I don’t workout the second I get her in the crib, I’m afraid the couch monsters will capture me and I’ll be useless the rest of the night. Tonight’s workout was a double header. First I completed the Insanity Cardio Plyometric workout as well asFriday’s workout on BodyRock.tv.

But…guess who wasn’t tired?

Her coughing made me worried that there was going to be more puking instances so little bug joined in the last 10 minutes of Insanity…”as long as she stayed on the couch.

It’s hard to see because I kept the lights low but she kept her promise by staying on the couch 😉 She was too adorable, I couldn’t get upset that she was still awake!

What defines your version of a good workout? Is it the time on the clock. The miles logged. The sweat dripping down your _________ (fill in the blank)? Is it when your heart is about to explode out your chest? Does your definition of a good workout not defined until the next day when you are unable to walk or unable to put your shirt on? Is it when you are yelling some version of the Lord’s name at the television/trainer/instructor?

I’m pretty dang sure this is my definition. It can’t be describe. It can only be felt, it can only be shown.

Get off your booty and find out what your definition is!


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