Baby Nook: Little Bug at 22 Months

My little rockstar, my little bug, my baby, you are now 22 months old. By the look of your cheeks and the length of your hair, I might as well call you a toddler. Your favorite foods are sweet potato, quesadillas, hotdogs (dispite my thoughts on them), and bananas. You had your first jelly bean, which turned into me hiding them after 3. Your favorite stuffed animal is a bunny that daddy gave you before Easter. Your favorite book this month was Boo Hoo Bird and Dad’s Birthday. Your newest trick was putting on your white sandals and then proudly standing up and twirling to show your progress. Your newest word was “Tee-ya” for your cousin Tia. You skinned your knees for the first time and truly learned what a “boo boo” was. And that same week you had your first fever. Grammy and Papa bought you your first Barney video and you learned all the dance moves in a matter of days. You continue to amaze us every day. You are such a cool little baby, and you’re ours!!

I wrote this on Friday. Today, Sunday, her actual day of celebration has been anything but for our little bug…who has a stomach bug. 8am I wake her up in a bit of nasty dried throw-up. Fun. 20 minutes after brekkie it all came back up on our living room carpet and her PJs. Nice. Then in the parking lot of Walgreens to get something for little bug’s tummy, there she did it again. In her car seat. On her car seat. All over herself. NO diaper bag was in the car, meaning no wipes were available. Let’s just say that she was just wearing a onesie in Walgreens and I bought some wipes. Yuck, yuck and eeww! The pharmacist luckily didn’t give me death glares and recommended a natural tummy soother from Gentle Naturals made from chamomile and ginger. I’m guessing it’s my fault this all happened. I think the pasta sauce was past it’s due despite me testing it. Poor little bugger; this was the first time she’d throw-up. I was punished by karma by having to scrub the heck out of her car seat. I put this above cleaning the bathtub on “least favorite things to do.” But it’s been 5 hours since any “happenings” and I hope dry toast, water and banana will keep her tummy calm.

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