Baby Nook: Are we ready for another?

When is it time for another…baby?

Is it when you feel your biological clock ticking?

Is it when you hold your friends new-born baby?

Are you ready for baby number 2 when you feel you’ve recovered from the first?

Is it when baby number 1 is potty trained and in a big kid bed (source)?

Is it when you realize you would be almost 50 when baby 2 graduates from high school?

When is the right time?

Is it when your little one doesn’t fit into your arms quite right?

Or when you simply miss having a “little one” around?

Are you ready for another baby when your income is lined up?

Is there ever a “right” time? Or is it just something inside that says, “We are ready.”

No, this is not an announcement, it’s just a thought.

Little bug is almost 2 and almost ready to train for big girl undies and almost ready for a big girl bed. So, hubby and I are almost ready to start trying again. Almost ready to add on. Almost ready for breastfeeding, sleepless nights, sleep training. Almost ready to experience the awesomeness of pregnancy again (but this time in America). We are not ready. But almost.

So…bring on ridiculously hard workouts that make my heart pound out of my chest, the summer fun of the Black Hills, vacation in Spain and many, many Hot Summer Nights!


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