Baby Nook: Bits + Pieces from a sick lil’ bug

this weekend, i was sick. not pukey sick but runny-nose sick. not wanting to go out of the house-sick. wanting to watch TV all-day-sick. medicine every 4 hours-sick. no eat-y sick. glossy eyes sick. endless coughing sick. fever sick. no running or playing sick. weak sick. stumbling around sick. i was plain ol’ sick! and everytime i thought i was better, i was wrong. i tried going to a party but ended up with lots of owies from tripping. food was icky. my nose was icky. i made my mommy and daddy worry. that’s no fun. what was fun was watching lots of zippy and cuddling with mommy and daddy and sleeping in and reading lots of books from the library! i especially like boo hoo bird and hands finger thumb.

now that the weekend is over, i’m baaaack to my ol’ self! i jumped on the bed. i played with my puzzles. i ran circles around mommy during bedtime story time, that was funny!  i even washed my hair like a big girl!

too bad mommy and daddy have to go back to work. oh what fun we could be having!


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