Pintrest Projects

I love Pintrest…like LOVE, LOVE pintrest; Pintrest is my savior for home decor ideas, easy d.i.y, recipe inspiration, fashion combos, motivating quotes, oh and so much more.

Then there’s the flipside to it. Will I ever make the cookie cups on my day off?

Will I ever take the time with make this with my child?

Will my sit in front of the TV each night and make one of these?

Will my kitchen look fun and bright like this?

Do I sew well enough to make a ruffle sham?

Can I head to Pottery Barn and pick up this AND collect enough random crap that has  little to no purpose like in this photo?

Pintrest can also make me feel less creative and lazy! Does anyone else feel the same way?

But I’m not only “pinning” and “liking” crap here and there and everywhere…and I AM acutally doing some of them! Yes…I am actually making, cooking, creating some of the ideas I’ve pinned. Out of 389 pins, I’ve done 5! Not bad hun?

Here are a few pintrest inspired projects/recipes I’ve done so far.

I’m so not kidding when I say that it looked like this photo when I was done! Easy and delish…an easy staple to add our recipe list! Recipe here

Staying on the MexAmerican theme…this was AWESOME! And I would recommend making 2 and freezing one. Mine didn’t look anything like the photo but the flavor was everything I love about Mexican food! Recipe here

Do not underestimate the power of a good hummus recipe. In 2 weeks I’ve made it twice. Instead of cheese, cream cheese or mayo on your sandwich, use hummus and use THIS recipe!

Ahh, the endless cork projects! I need to watch my pins on this topic or my house will be covered in corks and have cork furniture!

We bought this pre-painted “W” at HobbyLobby for $4.5 (on sale). I wasn’t sure that I would like that it was prepainted and glittered but now that we’ve started gluing the corks on, I like the effect it has with the bit of blue peaking through.

Another little thing we do with our corks is write the date and occasion, it’s a great way to remember special events.

I saved the best for last! This was part of my anniversary gift to hubby.

We have a unique story since we met in Spain, married in England and live the US.

I already had a heart stamp so this only cost $15 for the frame and paper.

The decals were put on by a local scrapbook shop owner for free!

Oh, I love you pintrest, please don’t ever go away! (source)


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