Nutrition Nook: Lunchbox Love…in the raw

I had a full-on nerd moment at Breadroot Monday!

Collard greens the size of my foot, perfect for lettuce wraps…oh yeah..

…almond butter which might last until Friday; sugarsnap peas — how have I forgotten you; organic yams that were practically given away and a Raw food bar that I’ve been dying to try!

I love what this bar stands for. Raw, organic ingredients which are all pronounceable!

Unfortunately it was just not my cup of tea. I was so sad. I tried so hard to enjoy it but that feeling did not come 😦 Have you ever had that with anything? Brussel sprouts comes to mind here!

This week’s lunches have consisted of a lot of raw foods. Not by choice, not by accident…more by laziness if anything.

8am I-just-got-to-work-and-was-too-lazy-to-make-breakfast has been a banana and some almond butter for dippage. Yes, I know, I need to eat a bigger brekkie. I more than make up for it at supper though!

11am snack is the never boring Green Monster shake. Because the measuring cups stay in the cupboard for my shake making (this is the laziness part of me not wanting to wash the measuring cups), my green monster’s never taste the same.

Baby handfuls of spinach, organic apple, chobani yog in vanilla, organic 2% and a few berries…same as last week.

2pm lunch concoction: beans, red onion, green pepper, banana peppers, garlic, balsamic vinaigrette and sunflower seeds.

I spread 1/2 the mix in a collard green to make a little lettuce wrap. It could use a little humus or cheese, but still crunchy and satisfying!

5pm drive home snack: backup fruit and organic sugar snap peas…I don’t think I’ve had these since pregnancy 2 years ago

I am in love with going to the local co-op, Breadroot. Knowing where my fresh goodies come from makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy and because I did buy a few shares, I get a discount on the packaged stuff as well. Yay for local support!

On the family side…little bug’s been a bit ill. Poo. Cuddling is 1st on her favorite list right now as opposed to Zumba with mommy 😉 We took advantage of a warm and breeze-free evening by doing a stroller run to and around the park. 45 minutes of fresh air does wonders for her soul…mine too!

Get well soon little bug.


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