Baby Nook: Day Care Week 1

Thursday my little bug started daycare…FINALLY!

If you are a parent who loathes the day your child went off into the hands of someone else (or loathes the day that is coming to your future)…this post isn’t for you and I suggest you turn away and click the big red box up directly to your right!

I could not wait for my little one to start day care. Think about it: new kids, new-to-her toys, new out-of-her-comfort-zone situations, new experiences, new fun activities, new food selections…it’s like vacation for her twice a week for 6 hours.

Yes, I did just say 2 days, 6 hours…so it’s not like the world is ending or anything of that nature! Here’s how it works in the Waby household: Monday is daddy day, Tues and Wed are held for “grammy and papa” time which includes ALL DAY and NIGHT on Wednesday and then Thurs and Fri for 6 hours in the care of a total complete stranger’s (for now) house, Saturday is Mommy day and Sunday is the only day the 3 of us are together all day. It works for us quite nicely (we are in week 1 so I consider myself somewhat of an expert) and we are spending minimum on daycare but still giving her new social opportunities and experiences!

Long ago when I was still nursing miss little one, I read briefly about “selecting the perfect care for you child.” Blah, blah, whatever. Experts can’t tell me what is available in THIS town and experts can’t give me referrals to good, reputable care takers…that take kids PART-TIME.

We decided on little bug’s care the old fashioned way, through multiple referrals…and then the little one and I went to meet our mystery lady. Baby immediately went to play and snoop around while I asked the tough hard questions that face American mother’s today: how many kids do you have at one time, what are your meal plans, how often are they outside (as much as possible!!!), do I need to bring her own cup.

Gut instinct was my guide and I loved the lady, her kids and the environment immediately. We could not be happier! And neither could the little one!

My proud momma moment was picking her up on day 1 and I saw her happy, smiling and running around outside with her new found friends! Yay for friends!

A full report of what she ate, how long she napped, her attitude and what the kids did for the day was a great reassurance of my decision. When I asked the little one if she had a good time, there was nothing but big nods and smiles!

She was tired, exhausted, and ready to see momma…but not too exhausted to go to the park for a run for me and some duck watching for her!

I  miss being full-time carer for her but I know she’s in good hands! And, it makes our time together that much more special. No internet, no facebook, no pintrest, no blogging for this mommy when she is awake and with me…it’s about feeding each other’s soul with hugs, kisses, story time, slides, swings, laughter and more hugs and kisses and then a few cuddles on top of that!

Happy Weekend 🙂


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