Runners Nook: Runch

Do you runch?

Runch, you say? What is Runch? Run + Lunch = RUNch

Thank you Blonde Ponytail for coining this term. Sitting all day sucks but now that it’s spring (yeah), Runches will become a new habit! What better way to either add extra runs/miles or sleep in a bit because you know you’ll get the miles logged during runch!

Stinky worker was not an option so, on my trial Runch, I stuck to 2.5 miles with an 8:29 pace 🙂 Happy faces right there!

Enough running, on to food business. I finally made the attempt at “the best hummus ever” according to the original pintrest pinner of THIS recipe.

Not one disappointed person in the kitchen!

Easy, fast, yummy. I could get the baked chips out fast enough. Little bug had it in a wrap on it’s own. This had the perfect amount of garlic and lemon to give optimum flavor. Sidenote: I did omit the salt and tobassco.

And that’s my healthy-nutritious-fitness-nerdy-fun stuff from my day!


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