Nutrition Nook: Lunchbox Love

Stunning weekend weather + multiple visits to the parks + 5k race + little sleep = Monday hangover!

All the outdoor activity from Sunday plus the race and shopping from Saturday left me feeling a bit out of sorts on Monday!

Sunday we hit a record of 3 different parks in one day! I was especially excited about this one! It was like being transformed out of the city.

The smarty pants that I am though gets energized by some sweet-healthy lunches! My lunches this week will concentrate of using these babies up!

I bought a huge bag of carrots about 10 days ago…needless to say, time is ticking.

Roasted, cut, grated, smashed. No carrot will go to waste!

11am snack is the usual Green Monster shake, combo here includes many baby handfuls of spinach, organic apple, greek yog, organic 2%, and a few raspberries.

2pm lunch, an easy cold salad of carrots, tomatillos, sunflower seeds, garlic, onion, red lentils and balsamic vinegar

A bit on the orange side but crunchy and sweet with a spring-time feel.

5pm back-up snack for the ride home: PB and J on 8 grain

A snack while driving home is ideal for me.  I’m usual starving by this time and when I walk through the door to my home, I don’t want to even think about eating; I only think about getting to my little one and playing 🙂

Speaking of playing…I couldn’t resist this. So little bug enjoys doing Zumba with me…and because I do Zumba in my sports bra, she insists on doing Zumba like this.

Happy Monday..Tuesday now I guess!


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