Runners Nook: Little Bug Fun Run

Nice weather and extended daylight means that two of my favorite loves marry: running and spending time with family.

Many days this week, little bug and I brought out the good ‘ol Graco and headed for a little run to and around the park.

I love watching her slowing-growing hair fly in the wind. I love watching her repeatedly turn around and give me a big toothy smile. I love when she squeals “wee, wee” like the pig commercials (her fav btw).

Even though wer’e minus one member of the family, we still get good and dirty.

The 15th (Thursday) little bug turned 21 months.

My baby’s growin’ up. Dang it!

I am thinking that it really is time to invest in a running stroller, so if anyone has suggestions, send ’em my way!

St. Patrick’s Day is the Dublin Dash which marks my first race this year! Ahh, I love the springtime.

Have a happy and safe weekend!


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