Today’s cure for the Baby Blues

Tuesday night 10pm until about 10am Wednesday, I was plagued with guilt by what I refer to as the Baby Blues.

What? You’ve never heard of my copyrighted term?

My definition of the Baby Blues is this: Working parent miss baby. Parent wanting to be home with baby.

Got that?

I also call it uncontrollable-hormone-rush-before-that-time-of-the-month time.

TMI?…get over it!

I found myself Tuesday night crying alone over my study materials and welling up with tears most of Wednesday morning. I called hubby in a hush tone, “I want my baby.” (sound effects: blubber, blubber, sniffle, sniffle), “I miss my baby.” (enter more sound: sniffle, sniffle, lots of silence)

After reassuring hubby that I love my job but miss baby and then hubby reassuring me that we (him and I) are doing so well and baby is fab…the hormone rush/baby blues were gone. That…an he sent me the cutest little pic of little bug all dressed up for the day!

Any parents out there ever get this? The guilt in the bit of your tummy…sorry, I mean stomach…I can use adult terms here. You like to work, you are completely satisfied with what you do, but still there is that feeling that you want to be at home with your child. This is the second time I’ve had this feeling and I hate it. I hate not being there for little bug. I hate that I don’t get to wake her up from a good night’s sleep. I hate that I’m not the first one she sees. I hate that I miss that first morning cuddle!

But you know what I almost hate more…the fact that my hormones are controlling the game this time around!!! Women out there UNITE and don’t deny this feeling that plagues us. Why on earth does this awful cliche’, “I’m hormonal,” ring so true sometimes. Other times of the month, it’s not hormones…it’s me being “me” or me being tired or me being hungry or annoyed or just stressed. The only thing that makes me feel just a bit better is that it does go away in about 12 hours!

In order banish the blues for good, I decided a lunch break walk was in order…and on that walk, I found something new-to-me!

The local Co-op here in Rapid City, Breadroot!!! I knew such a thing existed, but I somehow forgot?  How this could happen, I do not know!

And, it’s only about a 10 minute walk from where I work!

Small, local, no-frills, simple…it’s exactly what a small, local, no-frills, simple girl like me needs, especially on a day like this.

I was eager to take to snoop around and check out the pricing and variety compared to the local health food stores.

Lots of local products: organic, hormone free, grass fed, vegan, raw, gluten-free, paleo, cage free…it was all there!

And it was small and cozy. Ever since living in Spain, I prefer smaller grocery stores. Sometime less choice means MORE!

I was especially impressed (ecstatic) with the bulk bins (mostly organic products!). There are so many times I just want to try something out or times when I only need 1/4 c. of XXX.

I was annoyed yet happy to find out that my nut butters were $4 cheaper here than another store in town. Annoyed because I just bought Sesame butter elsewhere yesterday! My treat to me was a small sample of the almond butter from the bulk area!!!

Sometimes you feel like a nut!

Once home from a long day at work, I did cram a very late night workout in doing this Zumba video as my warm up and cool down (3 times for warm up, once for cool down), and the main workout was today’s workout at BodyRockTV. The host’s abs are ridiculous!

I’m off for a needed hot bath and glass of wine…but here is the moral of today’s story:
Women, not all tears are your fault, sometimes it’s just your hormones talkin’. And, if you miss you baby during the day… you are human.

But it you follow this cure and you are sure to feel better!

Kristen’s Baby Blues Cure: (well actually it’s a cure for anytime you feel yucky)
Pep talk from hubby (or partner/friend)
A good walk
Healthy treat
Sweat session
*Optional: hot soak in the tub and a glass of wine

I’m just full of good ideas 🙂 Adios!


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