Nutrition Nook: Lunchbox Love

Before I forget, little bug got a new swimsuit for our May trip to Spain. I know you all care so much about my daughter’s swimsuit choice, so there you have it.

I feel that because I’ve been working full-time for a whopping 7 weeks, I should let you let you know something that will greatly increase your love for me.

I am the master of work lunches. Yes, a master I am. Jealously should be warranted, compliments given and medals proudly hung from my neck.

At home I can’t always control my impulses. If I want food X covered in cheese or chocolate or both, I just have it.

At work, I only have access to what I bring. Eat or starve. I choose to eat. And eat healthy.

Must-have lunchbox item #1: Green Monster shake.

Little bug and I prep it together the night before, it’s our little ritual and she thinks it great!

Veggies, dairy, fruit in a convienent package! Today I mixed many baby handfuls of spinach, milk, yogurt, 1/2 peach and a banana.

Must-have food sourse #2: cold bean salad

Most of my lunches are vegetarian because it’s easy to open a can of beans, cut up random-need-to-be-used veggies and squirt on some Italian dressing or balsamic vinegarette. Obsession is the only way to describe this. I make a huge batch on Sunday and it usually lasts until Wednesday.

This weeks combo includes navy beans, corn, red onion, carrots, green bell pepper and 1 garlic cloves all mixed in with Italian dressing.

Must-have items #3: easy to eat fruit

Today’s choice was an organic granny 🙂

So that’s it for my first addition of Lunchbox Love. I usually bring a backup snack just-in-case all hell breaks loose and my tummy takes over my soul, but I got a bit lazy today.

I know you’re jealous of my beans, I just know you are 😉


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