Jack Frost nippin’ at my toes

After doing THIS workout from BodyRockTV (12 minutes o’  sweaty fun), little bug and I decided we were in need of some fresh air.

We asked for fresh air and got an amazing frosty scene of the Black Hills on top of that!

Us girls, we don’t let the chilly 25 degree weather get us down! I’m sure if any moms/dads/grandparents saw the two of us they probably called social services saying it was child abuse or something, but today I’m willing to sacrifice because the frost covered evergreens are simply stunning!

Everything looked like it was dusted with sparkly diamonds.

If you are wondering about my insane Christmas Challenge…well I was insane to come up with such a thought. I’m not throwing in the towel as of yet but it will be a Christmas Challenge indeed if I am to get in 125 by the 25th!

Enjoy the frosty days ahead! I’m going to attempt 10 miles in the morning, may Jack Frost stay at bay, away from my toes and my nose!


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