Polar Bear Runner

If someone ever said that running in the winter “ain’t so bad,” they were lying.

2 out of the past 3 days (and a few more to come this week), I ran in — what I consider to be — very cold conditions. 18 degrees on Monday and about 15 degrees on Tuesday morning. And it’s my own fault, you know. Damn you Christmas Challege.

Let me elaborate why it ain’t so easy running in the winter. I’ll start with the pre-game, aka, the night before. I have to mentally give myself a pep-talk saying, “Yes, I will run tomorrow morning. Yes I will run tomorrow morning. It won’t be THAT cold. I’ll be ok.” Then just to make sure I really mean what I say, I collect all 10 articles of clothing and put them next to the bathroom door.

Alarm rings and I hit snooze twice (not bad eh), I get out of bed and I’m already cold. I don’t even dare look in the bathroom mirror; I simply pile on my gear as quickly as possible and gulp down as much water as my body can handle.

I dart out the door and the cold conditions slam me in the face but I just get on with it and run! Have you ever ran in the freezing cold with a water bottle? Well, by the end of the run, the water is literally ice cold, ice crystals bob around and if you are lucky, the screw-top won’t freeze shut – as it almost did with me.

5 minutes into these polar bear runs, I’m warmed up and I do just fine. Then, the inevitable happens, a few miles in, small cold breezes sneak their way under my hat and find my ears. I instantly start to freeze again. This part is not fun because now is the time when I usually need a bathroom. Oh Joy! This is how it goes until I make it back home, back to my warm cozy house with hot coffee and a hot shower waiting for me.
On the upside, today’s run was considered a warm run, about 30 degrees!

My scarf was omitted today, that is the only difference between yesterday’s and today’s running gear. I’m too sexy for my run…too sexy for my run…so sexy ye-ah!

One good thing about the cold is that I am taking full advantage of my free pass to the Watiki indoor water park! We’ve gone twice in 4 days…the little one even had her first cheese burger at the restaurant there, it was just her size!

In regards to the Christmas Challenge update, here is what I’ve done thus far.

Week 1 Stats: 23.7 miles
M- 3.6
T- 6.7
W- 4.2
T- No running
F- 7.2
S- 2
S- No running

Week 2 Stats: 16.3 miles so far
M- 4.2
T- 5.7
W- 6.4

85 miles to go in 18 days! Yikes. I better get a move on some long runs! No time for rest 😉


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