Winter Running is HOT!

The plan was to run a gentle 7 miles for my Christmas Challenge. And I ran a gentle 7.2 at 7:45 this morning…when it was about 26 degrees! Brrrr!!! I followed the advice of many runners and dressed like it was 10 degrees warmer. I must say I look pretty hot in my winter running gear.

Now how could anyone resist this:

 Cotton leggings, running shorts, winter running socks, tattered Aflac shirt from an old personal training client, my Twin Cities 2006 marathon shirt, hat and no makeup.

Winter running is hot!

Needless to say, since I’ve been a pretty good girl this years, I’ve asked Santa for some very special Christmas pressies!

Under Armour skin tight running top for cold winter running.

Nike Running pullover, but in blue or pink

Nike thermal running tights or Under Armour brand as well.

Let’s hope Santa is reading!


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