3 (hundred), 2 (hundred), 1 (hundred)…GO

My legs told me not to run today…that, and a sudden cold snap with yesterday’s snowfall 😉 Today was about catching up with family in Salt Lake and Spain!

That’s little bug kissing her nana and uncle Jake! She was also sharing “tea” as well. Those kiddos do the darnest things! I heart skype!

After a highly caffinated beverage, I decided that I needed a quick workout. Here’s was I did today.
300 Plie’ Squats
200 Pilates Bicycle
100 Pushups

I led with the pushups and performed as many as possible, then moved to plie squats and ended with bicycles. I then repeated the whole process until the destined reps were completed! I only rested to write down the reps per set.

A certain someone decided to join the fun!

I love quick little workouts like this. Simply pick one upper body exercise, one lower and one core and have a go! It’s nothing special but it’s enough that I’m feeling a bit sore already.

A lovely day off work is in store for tomorrow; instead of sleeping in, I’m hoping for a “gentle” 7 mile run!

Happy 1st Day of December!


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