Christmas Challenge: 125 by the 25th

Let’s skip my lame (but real) excuses for my long-ass absence and get to the challenge at hand. First, I want to say thank you to Iowa Girl Eats for inspiring the idea!

 (Storybook Island all lit up)

125 by the 25th. That’s 125 miles by the 25th of December! So…over the next 28 days, I started this on Monday, I have to average 4.46 each day.

Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it, but I don’t plan on running every day. So if I run 4 days a week, that’s about 7.8 miles a run; if I’m really motivated at get my butt out of bed 5 days a week, that’s around 6.25 miles a run.

Let me also remind you that I don’t have a gym membership, and kind of refuse to get one. So…I’m talking rain, snow, ice, unscooped sidewalks, blistering winds…I’ll be braving it in all conditions!

Here are my current stats:
Monday: 3.6
Tuesday: 6.7
Wednesday: 4.2
Total so far this week:  14.5

With all the holiday fat traps, especially since it’s my first Christmas back in the US, I need some sort of goal to make me feel less guilty about having a slice (actually it was a sliver) of homemade peacan pie at 10:30pm or that unbeatable dessert at the Alpine Inn.

Wish me luck!

I may have gotten a bit tired after today’s quarter-mile repeats and additional plyometric workout! Little bug decided to join in!

Be brave, make your own Christmas Challenge…instead of feeling like a bowl full of jelly 🙂

Happy Holidays!



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