Frankie says RELAX!

Week 1 post marathon: REST. RELAX.

No running. Exercise consisted of walking and stretching; stretching and walking. My week consisted of eating some goodies every day, drinking wine every day and sleeping in every day! What a great week it was.

But my legs were itching to run and my body was begging for some proper nutrition!

Week 2 post marathon: Getting back into it. A little running, lots of yoga, a hike up to Harney Peak!

Amazing views, but amazingly COLD!!!

After 40 minutes of very fast hiking UP, we had to turn around…it was simply too cold for little bug.

Poor thing screamed unless I was doing the chicken dance while we jogged down the mountain! If only there was video!

Week 3 post marathon: major family medical emergency which took me east river SD for a few days 😦

Week 4: HUGE illness in ME. Not cool. I have not had the flu in years. I’m talking probably 4 years. I was NOT having it! I was so sick that I even plopped myself on the couch and had little bug play on the floor while I slept. Not a proud 5 days of mothering I tell ya!

Week 5…I’m on the mend and about 75% back to normal! Yay! I’m aching, aching to go for a run, but my lungs just aren’t ready for that commitment yet. Bummer too. I’m usually that idiot who runs and/or works-out through an entire illness.

But I now have the motivation to be thinking ahead! Ahead to the next marathon!

What will it be…

Salt Lake City Marathon on April 21st?


The Wisconsin Marathon in Kenosha, WI on May 5th?

Pros for Salt Lake:

  • the bro and his family live there
  • I’ve never been to Salt Lake City
  • I could cross off “Utah” on my Run a Marathon in Most States list
  • It’s a big marathon

 Pros for Wisconsin Marathon:

  • One of my BFF’s lives in Kenosha…whom I have NOT seen yet since moving back (which is like a friendship crime, this picture – her weddnig day – was the last time I saw her)
  • I love K-town, it has the best outlet malls 🙂
  • I could cross off “Wisconsin”
  • It’s a big-ish marathon
  • The medal is the shape of a block of cheese!
Mmm, decisions, decision I tell you!
So will it be the brother or the friend?
The place I’ve never been or the place I know like the back of my hand?
Elevation (UT) or flat land (WI)?
I have made my decision…
After careful consideration, which means…drive time, cost and time off work, I have decided register for Salt Lake City as this will probably be the only time I’ll get to travel out there to see my brother. HOWEVER, there’s more craziness to come…I’ve decided to try for a DOUBLE-HEADER!!!
pic source
Yes, I have put that insane commitment and challenge out there! I am going to attempt to run 2 marathons within a month! It’s been done by less in-shape people so I know that I can probably swing it as long as I can do the travel with baby and get time off work. I know my body can totally handle this! My 2nd marathon choices are the Wisconsin Marathon as stated above; the Lincoln Marathon in Lincoln, NE; or the Colorado Marathon in Fort Collins, CO…all on either May 5th or 6th!
pic source
More fun to come!

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