Run Crazy Horse Marathon: Expo and Prep

Marathons are all about preparation: have you done your training runs; did you complete your long runs; did you do a dress rehearsal; have you been eating smart; have you been hydrating yourself?? The week before a marathon is very important if you want to perform at your best; but, the day before is vital.

Hydrate like  you live in the desert. Rest like a house cat. Eat like a health junkie.

I can’t stress how important it is to hydrate your body as much as possible days in advance. If you carry your own water, then it’s not as big an issue, but if you plan on only drinking at the hydrating stations (usually 2 to 3 miles apart) and it’s going to be a scorcher (like it was for me), then topping up your water stores is essential.

As far as eats go…for breakfast I had my Cereal Explosion, lunch was veggie wraps and supper was your classic pre-marathon supper: Spaghetti n Meatballs with bread sticks. By this point, I was very tired of carby-carbs! Snacks were fruit and nuts when the tummy was doing some talking!

On to the EXPO! I love a good fitness expo. Independent and big brand names, cool nerdy fitness gear,  numerous running enthusiasts, free nutrition samples, SWAG and there is that special energy that’s in the atmosphere as you pick up your bib number!

This expo was not really one of those expos. Tiny is the only way to describe it. My high energy was almost depleted just stepping into the little itty bitty room with only a handful vendors.

I will state however that they were great vendors and they really catered to the female crowd (sorry men). I of course wanted everything as a kid in a candy store does.

Then this happened…you see that number “123.” I automatically knew by that number that the marathon was not only small in numbers, but very small. Out of the 900 + marathoners and half marathoners…less then 175 were for the marathon!!! I have only ran marathons with 5000 or more! That’s 5 thousand btw, not 5 hundred! I was terrified. Terrified that I would finish last. Terrified that I would be running alone with no crowd support, no one to talk with. My marathon high was deflating!!!!! I kept saying to myself, you’ll be alright, you’ll be alright, it’s ok, you’ll be fine! But I was now nervous; a feeling I hadn’t had yet.

Luckily for me, I had more important things people to worry about!!

This was not a normal pre-marathon day for me either. I was extremely sleep-deprived all week; only getting about 5-6 hours of shut-eye each night (my fault). I was crabby, emotional and not very good company. Thank goodness for my hubby and momma Bev to help pull me out and up! By 5pm I was back to my old self and on to shopping and a dinner date with little bug 🙂

Baby was in bed by 8:30. I proceeded to prep all of her food for the next day and lay all my clothes and gear out in order to be in bed by 10! A small glass of red wine to relax me and a few chapters of reading sent me into 8 hours of deep sleep for the big day that was ahead of me!

Next stop: Run Crazy Horse


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