Marathon Week: Thursday – Carb it up!

Happy Thursday, well technically it’s Friday now but anyhow…I learned a new tip for this marathon. In the latest Runners World they talk about the pre-marathon carb-up:

Overloading the night before a race could cause stomach trouble. Instead, top off your glycogen supply by eating a greater percentage of carbs for several days prior, while keeping the amount of food you eat the same.

I love this tip, it definitely makes sense; therefore, today decreased my fruit and veg intake just a tad but increased my pasta/bread intake. Here’s what today looked like.

A quick brekkie as I headed out the door.
Toast, PB, honey, banana and cinnamon. Simple, fast, easy, delish!

Lunch was to die for! It was like a giant nutritional bomb hit my plate!
3oz breaded tilapia, 1 c. sweet potato, greens with honey mustard, 2 slices of french loaf . I used to eat small lunches but since being back in the US, lunch is my largest meal. I love doing this! I have no afternoon cravings and no 4pm slump šŸ™‚


Work snack today was the return of the Green Monster: today’s combo
1/3 c. oats**
1 c. spinach
1/3 c. cantaloupe and pineapple
6 oz strawberry yogurt
splash of milk
**it did taste a bit too “oaty,” but the oats make it more filling

1/2 c. mixed nuts: pecans, walnuts, raw almonds. I heart nuts!

Post work snack was a random concoction which actually tasted pretty decent!
3/4 c. leftover noodles, 1/3 c. black beans, 1/4 c. green beans, toppings of 1/4 c. salsa with 1 T cream cheese and shredded cheese. Covered and heat! It’s like nachos but replacing the chips with pasta…or at least that’s what I’m telling myself šŸ™‚

Tomorrow’s Friday, then it’s Saturday (expo day!!), then it’s SUNDAY!!!!! I can’t believe it’s almost here. It’s like the first day of school…but much better clothes.



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