Marathon Week: Friday – full of carby-carbs

Definition of carby-carbs:
Bread of any kind
Potatoes (regular ol’ white ones)

I’m sooo not used to eating carby-carbs. I love my toast, I love my ‘tatters, I sometimes even love pasta…but…not all three within 12-24 of each other. I’m feeling topped up in the carb dept. I’m definitely not over-doing it, but my stomach sure feels that way!

This mornings breakfast was a huge reason why my tummy felt like a brick wall all day.
 3 slices of French toast made with whole grain bread, 2 eggs, bit of milk and cinnamon, a bit of PB and coconut flakes on each layer; then I drizzled the bare minimum of syrup over the top so they weren’t so dry.

The BEST french toast I have ever made!

Lunch wasn’t until 1. I had to force myself to eat because I STILL wasn’t hungry.

Loaded baked potato with a bit of red lentils, 3/4 c. broccoli and cauliflower all topped with cheese. A small salad complimented this little ditty.

Work food today was a handful of nuts, a slice of veggie and chicken pizza and another Green Monster shake!
I learned from yesterday oats OD.
1 c. mixed fruit of cantaloupe, pineapple
6 0z strawberry yogurt
1 c. spinach
1/2 c. milk

Much, much better.

Tomorrow is the marathon expo and registration! I’ll be spending the day relaxing, resting and doing a bit of winter shopping for little bug.
I so can’t wait to get my veggies back…and wine…and chocolate…and… 🙂


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