Marathon Week: Tuesday

Before the challenge is complete another challenge must be sought! 5 days pre-race and I’m already scouting out potential marathon locations for number 5! Why? Am I crazy? Am I looking for an injury? Am I bored? Am I trying to lose weight or something?

Answers: I like running. Yes. No. NO. Ahh, that’s a stupid question.

Truth be told, I love training for a marathon. I love the schedule; I love that I HAVE to run on xxxday; I love the gels, the ice baths, the anticipation. I love it all. This feeling that I have right now…this excitement, the nerves…it’s all one big high, one big adrenaline rush. And while I’m riding high, I might as well pick out the next challenge that’ll keep the me the Queen of the Fitness Geeks/Freaks/Nerds!

Before I go any further, here was Tuesday’s brekkie:
1/4 c. quick oats (made with 1/4 c. milk and 1/4 c. water) cooked with 1/2 apple. Toppings included 3 T granola, 1 big plop of apple butter and 2 T pecans…and cinnamon of course! Delish and filling πŸ™‚ Little bug had the same except no toppings except for some vanilla yogurt.

Ok, back to the next big marathon pick…I think March, April or May will be the months of choice. This will give me loads of time to recover and do other fitness activities besides running…oh and I don’t want to be running ALL winter outside if I decide against a gym membership.

Here are the potentials for March:
Red Rock Canyon Marathon: Las Vegas

Salt Lake City Marathon
River Rat Marathon: Yankton, SD

Wisconsin Marathon: Kenosha, WI
Colorado Marathon: Fort Collins, CO
Lincoln Marathon: Lincoln, NE
Stillwater Marathon: Stillwater, MN

Decisions, decisions! All locations, except Vegas are by either friends or family so it’s going to be a toughie to decide!

Ok, on to lunch.

Open-face sandwich with 1/3 c. pulled BBQ pork; 1/2 c. sauteed zucchini; 1/2 plate of greens topped with a bit of buttered noodles and honey mustard dressing.

I squeezed in some strength training after lunch while the little one danced to about a dozen records. Here’s what it looked like:
15 pushups
30 reverse lunges
17 pushups
20 alternating forward lunges
16 pushups
50 plie’ squats
20 pushups
tickled baby for a while
23 pushups
Planks and side planks
10 ball tucks
50 standing ball rotations
10 ball tucks
50 standing ball rotations

Nothing was planned, I just went with what I felt like doing.

Before heading out to Canyon Lake, I had a quick snack: 1 handful of roasted peanuts. The parents met us at Starbucks for a caffeine treat! I hadn’t had a proper coffee all day!

Once we were back, it was a quick family walk. The weather was stunning today!

There are limited nights where we can head out with no coat 😦

After babes went down for the evening and I got another arm workout by scrubbing the shower (my most hated job of all time), I had a quick-to-prepare supper.
3/4 c. leftover noodles from lunch; 1/2 c. green beans and 1/2 c. black beans mixed with homemade peanut sauce and topped with a bit of slivered almonds and roasted peanuts. I went a bit overboard with the soy sauce but it was filling and satisfied my craving for something peanut-y!

Even though I’m all crazy and getting ahead of myself, my head is still focused on Run Crazy Horse, I just can’t help myself getting anxious for the next big challenge!

Have a great rest of the day!


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