Marathon Week: Monday

The calendar claims it’s fall. The leaves show that it’s fall. The temp…well, that still says SUMMER!
Imagine my surprise when at 6:30 Saturday morning, I step outside to over 60 degrees of sunny goodness! I was not alone on this 3 mile run either!

Little bambi’s were prancing all around the open field that day! It’s freaky how they stop dead in their tracks and give you the stink-eye! I was going as fast as possible to get the phone out to snap these!

I was spreading my love and enthusiasm (and geekiness) for running by spending the day supporting a friend who was running in the Veteran’s Marathon March!
These guys were crazy! Some of them were wearing their full gear…talk about HOT! My friend had to drop out after 16 miles but we were proud of him none-the-less! I’ve never been a supporter before; it was great fun to be on the other side of the fence!

The bed was too comfy on Sunday so I moved my 7.5 miler to Monday and opted for a relaxing morning and day for that matter. One of our highlights was watching hubby play soccer! Our Sweet Sunday still entailed our picnic breakfast at the park and loads of time on the slides. Little bug has been mobile for about 4 weeks now and it feels as though she’s always been walking, she thought she was so clever by attempting the scale this fence.

So today, Monday marks MARATHON WEEK!! The true fitness nerd is really coming out now! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to run a marathon. I feel prepare; I feel in shape; I feel ready! I’ve done the training 99% to the best of my ability (I missed 3 runs total in that past 4 months), so now it’s time to prepare my body through proper fueling. This means lots and lots of water and lots and lots of wholesome, good-for-you foods. No drinkie for me. No cookie for me.

Here’s was today’s menu held. The picture quality sucks as always, but just bare with me!

After a great morning run of 7.5 miles, here’s what Breakfast had in store: 60z strawberry yog, 2 T raw almonds, 1/2 fuji apple, 1/4 c. granola and cinnamon…I decided after a few bites that I’d need more carb, so I added a bit of Uncle Sam’s to the mix. (Not shown: decaf coffee)

Extras later on included a regular coffee and little bugs leftover scrambled eggs. I actually cooked lunch today! Normally this is my mom’s dept but today the kitchen was all mine!
Lunch: 3oz chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing, 1/2 plate of green with slivered almods, cheese cubes, onion and honey mustard dressing and a bake potato (not shown) topped with butter, pepper and salt

Work snack: 1/2 Pb&J with a bit of ‘nana, 1/2 apple, handful raw carrots and small slice of watermelon (not shown) as well as a medium coffee from Seattle’s Best Coffee Shot.

I thought I’d be ok for the rest of the day but at 11:30pm, the tummy was rumbling like thunder.
Post Work Snack: Chamomile tea, 1/3 c. red lentils topped with salsa and pepper jack cheese with a handful of bakery fresh tortilla chips. I love these chips ’cause there’s not salt added. I have a severe salt addiction. If salt touches my tongue, it’s game over. Popcorn, pretzels, peanuts…these are all scary items to let in my peripheral vision!

So that fueled me up for the day! It feels so good to eat simple whole foods. I’ve been indulging in a bit too many cookies/bars and beer/wine each day. 4 years away, one can only expect a little indulgence šŸ˜‰ Today though, we received a care-package from the fam in Spain…some of us don’t quite have the willpower to resist!

Here’s what I have to look forward to on Sunday, along with some red wine!
Twirl bites! TWIRL bites! For the US readers, I can’t even describe a Twirl. Cadbury has the best chocolate in my opinion and the texture of a Twirl is unmatched – flaky, silky and rich- and then to put it into a bite size…well that’s just CRAZY I tell ya!

Like I needed another reason to be excited for Sunday šŸ˜‰


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