Nutrition Nook: My Breakfast Obsession

Yesterday was a great little day off for this fam!

I’m tapering for the marathon (in 10 days!) so I had a fast 5 miles on the trails!

Fun at the farmers market! We scouted out little bug’s first pumpkin.

And then some swimming which was long overdue!

I love days off together!

Now one to this mornings brekkie!

All those who love cereal raise your hands! If you didn’t raise your hands, do so anyways because you are a LIAR, LIAR!

For me cereal is not breakfast food; it’s eat whenever you’re hungry food; it’s eat because I’m too lazy  to cook food, it’s eat because I want something crunchy/sweet/chocolately food!

Cereal falls into 2 categories for me. It can either be filling, simple and pretty healthy, OR sinful, full of sugar and preservatives and leave you hungry again in an hour. And to be honest, I pretty much stay away from cereal, as I am an oatmeal girl, preferably Overnight Oats!

But over and over I kept seeing this healthy lady (and new mommy) combine cereals and nuts to make one bowl of cereal, so I decided to find out what the fuss was about.

Enter…my new Breakfast Obsession that I’d like to title Cereal Explosion/Cereal Buffet/Mix n’ Match…which do you like best?

There are no rules people. Grab all the cereals you have and then go into the pantry and ‘fridge to scout some crunchy and sweet componenets. Add some milk and BAM…a cereal explosion full of textures and flavors! No bite is the same and your breakfast won’t be either!

Here’s what I did today. Note: I DO use a 1/4 measuring cup otherwise it could get a bit scary!
 1/4 c. Heart to Heart
1/4 c. Corn Chex
1/4 c. Millet Puffs
1/4 c. Uncle Sam
2T  Honey Nut Maple Granola

2 Strawberries, large pinch of coconut flakes, 1 T raw almonds, 1 T pecans

 My secret ingredients: honey and cinnamon (I’m happy to share them with you though!)

My cereal explosion has the perfect amount of calories; includes protein, fruit, crunchiness, texture, color, sweetness and it’s pretty healthy as far as I’m concerned!
 But I’m in it for the flavor and fullness factor.

A 9.5 in the flavor category (adding chocolate would make it a 10) and a 10 in the fullness category. I have a very satisfied tummy until noon with this little brekkie!

Try it, love it and then tell me about it!

Munch, crunch!


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