20 miles and 30 years in the bag

Sunday’s have been titled the “day of rest;” the day where we dress up, go to church, head to brunch with family and take it easy snuggling up on the couch watching football.

I dressed up…in my Keyanos, Dublin finisher shirt, and new Nike shorts that is! 20 miles, the longest training run before Run Crazy Horse marathon which btw is in less than 2 WEEKS, couldn’t have gone better. The weather was perfect; 48 degrees, crisp air, sunny and no wind.

I hit a rough patch from 11 to 14 miles while my body was waiting for my fuel to soak in. Sunday’s fuel of choice:
 Now the last Powerbar I bought was about 5 years ago, I wasn’t impressed then. The chalky and overchewy texture was lackluster in every way. This Saturday late night purchase was out of desperation since I stupidly forgot to buy gels! BUT, but, don’t-ya-know, in 5 years Powerbar PB style has done a 360 and now tastes like a crunchy PB treat. I loved this! I don’t prefer protein bars as running fuel but THIS was a fabulous little treat!

The lesson I learned today was to fuel after the first 5 miles. Normally I wait till 8 or 9 but after today I realized I need fueling sooner.

The last 6 miles were my favorite! I sprinted during the chorus of each song and did long strides the first 10 seconds of each song which is what I’ve been doing the past few long runs. Time flew and I was done a few minutes early! My goal was 10:10 minute miles and I did 9:51 ending at 3 hours and 17 minutes! I should be able to keep that pace the day of since I felt I could have been going faster.

My ankles did bother me though, I knew an icebath was LONG overdue!

I’m praying my feet don’t turn blue.
 FYI, I am wearing swimsuit bottoms. Ice baths are the best recovery method in my book. I had to work later that day and other than being tired, I felt refreshed and ready to go.

Ok, now onto my birthday. Sept 10 was my 30th! I was stationed in the Sioux Falls area and it was a great day and great weekend. Here are a few highlights from an amazing 3 days in Siouxland!
 A morning run with a good friend and then cards and gifts from around the world 🙂
 Brekkie at Panera Bread with more pressies 🙂
 Browsing the new stores in the area…well, new to me that is!

I was very excited to find out that Sioux Falls has a Great Harvest since one of my favorite bloggers, Kath, owns her own store!

Then I was more excited because I was on a mission to find a 7-layer bar and what-do-you-know…

How did I go 4 years without one of these sinful badboys, I do not know! I was AMAZED how big it was. What I don’t get is why not make it in into 4 and then just charge like 50 cents? Oh well, I enjoyed having little bites over a few days.

A huge shopping highlight was heading to Scheels sports store! I bought my marathon gear and made an endless wishlist for Christmas! The Sioux Falls marathon registration was going on as well, I had a bit of runners-jealousy. Maybe next year I’ll do the SF one! Here were some great finds that the family back in Spain and England would love!
 Afternoon was the German festival, Falls park, scouting out the boutiques in downtown and the sidewalk arts festival! It was great fun 🙂

The weekend was amazing! I even got to hold a friend’s newborn baby boy. I forgot how little and delicate those newborns are! I also saw my brother. I have not seen him in 5 years! 5 YEARS! We had one of those hugs, those REAL good hugs and I was just speechless. There’s so much to catch up on, so much to say but all I wanted to do was get a great big bear hug! I also met his 2 kiddos for the first time.

The blue was not planned! I swear! I’ll have to draw my sister in there 😉

But like all good weekends, it had to come to an end.
 I’ve been absent for a while now because I’m just so far behind writing to my family back in Spain that I took my blogging time and switched it to letter writing time. I also worked all week to help out my manager. All I can say is that I’m still not quite ready for full-time. I like being home with my baby and putting her to bed. I like playing with her until she can’t keep her eyes open. I like the night cuddles and snuggles. I’m just not quite ready to devote 40 + hours a week to someone else. Soon, just not today or tomorrow for that matter.

Anyhow, that’s a randomly brief update of life! More to come this week 🙂



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