Baby Nook: Dance Party

What do you get when you combine my 20-year-old (+) Fisher Price record player…

…my grandpa’s old ’33’s and ’45’s

…and a hyper cutie-pie?

Momma and daughter dance party!

As my little bug is discovering the wonder and awe of my 80’s toys (let’s admit it people, toys from this decade are the BEST), I’m reminded and convinced evermore that classic, simple toys are the way to go!

Watching her stare at the turntable, seeing her play with the records, showing her classic moves like the twist, “singing” tunes from The Monkeys, Cyndi Lauper, The Beatles, The Cars and others that I can’t even think of …these are the moments I have always wanted to create for her.

I dance like a fool, she flaps her arms in delight and toddles from leg to leg and when she falls down, she simply continues on from the sitting position!

There is something about the sound of old ’45’s (and I’m talking at least 50 years old some of them) on a used and abused record player that brings a smile to my face and energy to the room!

Whether it’s the Hot Dog Dance, the Chicken Dance, the Hokey Pokey or some old records — Momma Daughter dance party…it’s good for the body, good for the heart but more importantly, good for the soul!

Happy Thursday 🙂


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