Runners Nook: Take two at 17.5 + Sweet Sweatsuit Sunday!

Did I shred last week’s performance (17.5 miles in 2 hrs 50 minutes)? After last Sunday’s shocking performance (read about it here) I wasn’t sure if I’d be even come close. Saturday prep was all about hydration and eating clean and healthy. I set Betsy to a pace of 10:10 minute miles with this being the fuel of choice.
 Honey Stinger organic energy chews. Love them! There were 10 in the pack and their size wasn’t nearly as big as last weeks Clif Shot Blocks. Another purchase of these is definitely in the future!

What can I say about this long run other than it’s was my favorite run since moving here! I was CRUISING the whole time. Well, I say cruising…others would say plodding (Joe that’s to you). I explored a few different areas and the next thing I knew I only had 5 miles left! Throughout the entire 17.5 I did long strides during the first 10 seconds of each song and with 2 miles to go I would sprint during the chorus of each song. This really helped my muscles from getting too tight from the repetitive short strides.

So how did I do?
 2 hours and 47 minutes! My average was something like 9:37 I think with a top pace of 5:55. Yay me! I think the best part of this run was that I felt no pain at all and I still had lots of energy after I was finished!

Having extra energy was a good thing because I needed it today…
 …Miss Waby in her lil’ sweatsuit for the first time. She strutted right out of hubby’s arms into mine looking all cute and ready for a fun day ahead.

Canyon Lake Park was our picnic destination today.
A Safeway bagel for baby and momma (the Everything bagel with cream cheese mixed with honey and pecans) as well as some strawberries and raspberries. I chugged my milk (my favorite post run drink) and coffee — my 2nd of 3 today, YIKES!

McDonald’s playland has nothing on a good ol’ park with fresh crisp air, dewy green grass and Vitamin D packed sunshine!

After some block building, a much needed bath and a nice Skype video call with the Wabys in Spain, not only was the fatigue setting in, but my tummy took over my mind. Willpower kept me out of the cookies and chips and I actually prepared a proper little lunch.
 Yes, another bagel, this time whole wheat. Toppings included mashed black beans with salsa, topped with cheese followed by a mixed salad with a bit of cheese and honey mustard dressing on the side. You will find out that I am the BIGGEST fan of Mexican food and I attempt to get some element of Mexican once a day!

My daughter must have sensed my soreness…she slept 2 1/2 hours which is the longest she’s slept in about 3 weeks! I glued myself to my parents ginormous (is that really how one spells that?) massage chair for about 60 minutes. Yes…I said MASSAGE CHAIR. Not the same as getting a massage but it left me almost as refreshed!

Makeup on, coffee made and snacks for baby and we were off the Old McDonald’s Farm for the second time in two days!
 This place closes for the season after Monday, so sad.

Today’s entertainment were the baby goats! 2 of them were playing/fighting! Watch the stare-down…
 I had my money on the brown one!

But like all Sweet Sundays…they must come to an end. After looking for shower gel in Safeway for what seems like ages, I was tired and in need of relaxation, so I did what any parent would do…
Sit my girl in front of some rocks while I relaxed in the chair!

It’s a great week ahead! Labor Day is tomorrow and both hubby and I have the day off. I can’t tell you what we are doing but I’ll give you a hint, we are having breakfast with the presidents 😉 My mom’s bday is Tuesday and on Friday we are packing up the Jeep for a 3 day weekend in Sioux Falls…oddly enough I’m very excited as it’s MY 30th BIRTHDAY on Saturday so I hope to see a few friends, schedule some playdates and best of all…I get to see my brother that I have not seen in 5 YEARS! 5 YEARS, I know…and I get to meet his two children which I’ve never met.

So what are you up to for Labor Day weekend?

Have a Sweet Sunday night and a Marvelous Monday.



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2 responses to “Runners Nook: Take two at 17.5 + Sweet Sweatsuit Sunday!

  1. Mo

    Hey I just found your blog yesterday and reas oldnposts for over an hour! Anyway just saw that it is your birthday Saturday – mine too! Happy early birthday!

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