First Cold Morning run!

What the HECK! This is what ran through my mind for the first 5 minutes of today’s easy 3 mile run. September has sure kicked in full-force and quickly at that. I actually had to break out my long sleeved running shirt and capris! I think it was around 53 when I hit the streets at 6:45am. I was lovin’ it though, I forgot how the chilled air makes you feel alive! I ran a fast-for-me 9:15 average per mile! I can’t believe the Run Crazy Horse is just 4 weeks away now!

Today was a busy and fun morning! First off, here’s my new baby blue.

Pretty huh! And I almost forgot…little bug is mobile now. She’s been walkin’ up a storm for many days now. In Target this afternoon she went a good 15-20 steps.

Ok, back to Saturday. Breakfast was back at the infamous Fort Hays for our 99 cent pancakes! I’m still in awe of how perfect these pancakes are!
 Today the piano man was there. Miss. Waby had a first class seat.
Once our belly’s were happy and full it was all about the baby as we visited Old McDonald’s Farm for the first time. This place is filled with farm animals galore! You can pet them, play with them, feed them, watch the pig races, go on pony rides…the entertainment never ends!

The baby goats were my favorite because we actually were able to get in there with them!! They are adorable but I wasn’t impressed when they decided to eat lil’ bug’s skirt!

We decided it’d be fun to out-run the turkeys! Gobble, gobble! And yes, those are goats on a bridge.

Lucky for us the entry fee is good for 3 days! Bugs and I agreed that part of Sweet Sunday would be to head back and chill with the goats!

Next on the list was the CHRISTMAS VILLAGE!!!! We are talking like thousands and thousands of ornaments. Many of them are handmade. If you have a hobby, there is an ornament. Knitter…there’s an ornament. Goalkeeper…there’s an ornament. Love baking…there’s an ornament. Have a foot fetish…there’s an ornament…you get it now! So for me…

It’s like the artist stole my identity.
 Can you tell us apart? Sadly, I put her back! I know, how could I…but I did so, so that we could pick up this little ditty for the hubby!

Merry Christmas y’all…no, sorry, happy Saturday night! Tomorrow is another 17.5-miler, the a family breakfast picnic and more fun adventures for Sweet Sunday!

What are you up to for the Labor Day weekend?

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