Mommy Daughter Day

Today was a bit of a mommy-daughter day, and I don’t mean my little bug and me. It was MY mommy and I today for a few hours. We figured out that the last time we had this amount of time alone together was in 2006 when I took mom to Spain for 10 days to visit my sister! Wow…a lot has happened since then! Here are a few of today’s highlights.

We went to the little town/village called Hill City which is a short drive away. It’s tiny, but full of charm. There are the usual tourist traps but also the unique “mom and pop” shops that help give Hill City a unique feeling.

I went antiquing, browsed a few art galleries, and made my own entertainment by walking around the tiny town (which took about 20 minutes) checking out the old small houses. It was a relaxing little morning. I came across two things that made me laugh…only in South Dakota.

Come one, Come All to Hill City, the home of  TEDDY BEAR TOWN! Home of over 6,500 teddy bears. It is –after all– in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Second item of business that made me laugh…
The HONOR SYSTEM! I have died and entered the Waltons or Leave It to Beaver land. Who knew that there was a town in the world that could still get away with the HONOR SYSTEM. And get this, I saw multiple stations all around town! Only in South Dakota, right! I love it in one sense and am boggled in the other sense!

After a bit of time there we headed to the happy place.
 The Hill City area just happens to be the home of multiple wineries! Lucky for me 🙂 This mommy daughter team took it easy and just hit two on this lovely sunny day.

I was slightly disappointed though with my tasting choices. 2 wineries, 9 different types I tried and only 2 I would have bought. Most of them were WAY too sweet for me. I felt like I was drinking Boones Farm (USD ladies, you know what I mean)!

But don’t fret. We absorbed our drink with an AMAZING lunch at Prairie Berry. When I write AMAZING, I mean THE BEST FOOD I’VE HAD SINCE MOVING BACK! Exclamation point, Exclamation point!

Simple food with a Mediterranean feel to it! (Now do you get why it was the best) We ordered 1 glass of 3Rednecks to share (dry red wine) and then each selected a small meal and split it. I decided on the Housemade Ricotta Cheese open face sandwich (it had sundried tomates, reduced balsamic vinegar and local organic microgreesn).

Momma Bev ordered a massive sandwich called Goat n’ Veggie (fresh goat’s cheese, olive tapenade, marinated roasted red peppers and red onions). Both were so delish that I cannot pick a fav. It was a good thing we split both dishes!

The day ended with the last night of Hot Summer Nights here in Rapid. Hubby had to work and then we got rained out so it’s been an “off” kind of night. But it gives me an excuse to update you all.

1. We have purchased a car. Yesterday we became proud owners of a Jeep Liberty. It’s like totally awesome if I do say so myself. It’s blue, big but not too big, it can hold a lot of crap and now all I want to do is go camping.

2. Run Crazy Horse marathon is 1 month and 1 day away and I’m so excited. Training is on track and I’m feeling very confident!

3. The BIG 30 is coming soon…

4. I had a bit of a rough night last yesterday. I don’t usually care to over-share my inner-most feelings but I just want to let you know that I am normal and human and the whole moving across the globe thing AND going back to work for the first time in 14 months AND living with your parents again temporarily AND about to turn 30…it’s all overwhelming and you know what, sometimes a girl just needs a bit of tear-time. Luckily I have the best hubby and daughter that make me feel ridiculously loved, parents that are bending over backwards for us and a sister that somehow KNOWS the exact words to write to make it all better! I am so so lucky.

So…to end this…for anyone out there who is going through a rough patch whether it be a big move, a break-up, the struggles of being a parent, having a “fat” day, unhappy at work, unhappy in a relationship, no money in the bank, fight with the partner, whatever it is…don’t keep it locked up, share it with your support system (bestest friends, closest family members). A huge weight will be lifted off your shoulders and I guarantee that you will feel better!!

Ok, enough serious stuff! I have a big weekend ahead of me and can’t wait to share it all as it happens. Let me know what you’re up to this weekend!

(Street performers in Art Alley that we saw tonight!)



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2 responses to “Mommy Daughter Day

  1. Brenda Paulsel

    You are making me so very home sick for good old South Dakota. Give your family my love from Hot Houston, Texas! 🙂

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