Watch out Lance Armstrong…Waby’s on your left!

My lil’ family experienced two activities for the first time this week! 1. Our first family hike (here). AND 2…our first family bike ride — FINALLY!
Today we had a family date with some new friends who happen have an EXTRA baby bike trailer.

Enter the BURLEY!  Easy to hook up, roomy, safe, light and baby loved it and looks super cool! Let’s admit we all want our babes to look cool right 😉

This was baby’s first time in a trailer and she was spoiled as were we! The weather was a sunny 80 degrees with a bit of wind.

We started downtown and headed over to Canyon Lake Park.
A little water break for all.

The bike line-up.

A quick stop at the Farmers Market to check out the stock. It was produce and home-goodies heaven!

Then coffee time at the local coffee shop/cafe/brewery called Bully Blends.

It’s a great little place with a traditional English Tea, home brewed beers, fresh wraps and pasties (not pastry’s…pasties), fair-trade coffees and tea from around the world and the place is wall-lined with old black & white photos of the area and quirky antiques…it’s totally my style and is probably the only place that feels like me!

After 2 great hours of biking and hanging out, we are totally sold on getting our hands on our very own baby bike trailer as soon as we can. And we’ve just found out that a lady down the street wants to sell hers! Cross our fingers that it’s ours soon!

We ended our Saturday with an afternoon of great live music, and hundreds of classic cars at Hot Summer Nights in Deadwood but now it’s early to bed…I’ve got 17.5 miles tomorrow! I’m so pumped and ready with Betsy charged up and ready to go!
Have a fantastic rest of the weekend in whatever you do!


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