Family’s First Hike!

Before hitting the woods, I hit the streets bright and early for 7.5 miles of fun running with my new watch Betsy. I feel bad for anyone who passed by me. I was THAT smiling, giddy runner weaving around the ‘hood! It’s Betsy I tell ya! She’s a good little motivator.  Some push-ups and stretching and a yummy brekkie, I packed up the hubs and baby and we headed out into the the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota! I’m a lucky lady to live just minutes away from the Black Hills National Forest home 450 miles of both nature walks and bonafide hiking systems on approximately 75 different trails.

So I have absolutely no excuse to get out and about and explore with my family!

We headed near Sheridan Lake on the Centennial Trail

I was SO excited for this first hike! SO EXCITED. I could hardly contain myself on the short car trip there. Fresh air, natural surroundings, quiet and even more quiet all around us!
Ahh, little bug…she’s looking at the water! After 25 minutes of hilly dirt paths we hit the lake!

So quiet, so still with just the few kayaks and fisherman/women out and about.

We took it easy on this very first family hike. We weren’t sure how lil’ bug would take being in the carrier for long periods.

After a leg stretch for her and swatting a million bugs off her clothes, it was time to trek back. We were only out for about 1 hour total.

Next time we are going to extend the hike by 10-15 minutes each way and bring some snacks. Also…bug spray for little bug. Duh, I know what was I thinking but they weren’t bad until we’re close to the water but bug spray is totally needed from here on out.

She’s practicing her cheesy senior photo poses already. We were opting for a more serious pose but had no luck.

But alas, she’d had enough…she took the keys, locked daddy out and we were off to new adventures!

Hear of the NEW adventures of baby, momma and hubs tomorrow. I’m out to enjoy the rest of my day off with the fam! Hot Summer Nights tonight in downtown Rapid!


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