First USA tradition: Sweet Sunday

A Perfect Sunday with a capital P and S, but first let’s rewind to Saturday night. Fairs are great for kids! Baby totally loved all the animals on display. I wasn’t too impressed, I basically felt sorry for them the whole time moaning and complaining about animal cruelty.
 Hubby and baby also saw their first Elvis impersonator and I…well, I was excited about a certain type of food!

I am pretty anti-hotdog, but there is something about a corndog at a fair that you can take away from me!

Ok, onto Sunday. THE perfect Sunday. While you were all watching re-runs of Eastenders or catching up on some awful reality shows, my little family and I had one of those GREAT Sundays that you think about when you decide to have a family. Ok, not everyone thinks about it, but mommies do!

7.5 fabulous fast miles was done and over with before I knew it! I ran (very, very slowly) through the historic district of the city and drooled over the amazing older homes. They have so much character, I couldn’t even pick my favorite.

Hubby and little bug met me at the infamous Jerry’s Cakes and Donuts, a town favorite (I guess) and we broke the bank at $5.50 for our brekkie of donuts and coffee. It took all my power to make it to the park without stuffing this in my mouth. I opted for 2. Numero uno was a long-john with maple nut glaze and crumbs to top it off; the other was a simple vanilla glazed donut that I saved for later.
 I totally ruined that pic, I couldn’t help myself! I forgot how soft, sweet and sinfully good fresh donuts could be! Bugs was very, very unhappy that she was not allowed any.
 Ok, she looks happy, but don’t let that pic fool you. There was almost an appearance of tears in this little cutie’s eyes. Luckily hubby brought back-up!

Bananas. Bananas people…they are her form of a pacifier.  Just look how happy this kid is. Bananas, love it! If only broccoli could do the same 😉

After the sugar infestation (totally worth it though, did you not remember that I just ran for over an hour)…it was onto playtime!
 Dear American Parks, I love you. Yours truly Kristen.
Hubby always knows how to steal the show.

Hee, hee, hee. After that it was onto camera hunting. All I can say is…I need to save some cash, major f-in’ cash. Although the selection was not optimal, I instantly found a potential camera within 10 minutes. But it’s so bloody big though and I don’t know if I could stand to carry yet another bag. I’m waiting till after we head east river to Sioux Falls to check out their selection! P.S. Weekend of Sept 10, I’m looking for play-dates and running-mates!

Nap, bath, chill-time on the coach and it was back out again for a walk on the trails.
In case you didn’t see enough cuteness…
Today hubby found out that I have not thrown a frisbee in about 5 years. He got his workout in 🙂

I forgot how much I missed the sound of crickets. It was a lovely, quiet time of day and the only sounds were the rushing water, crickets and grasshoppers!

After a coffee stop and baby supper time, it was back home to end out perfect sweet little Sunday. A major highlight of today:
Testing out the baby hiker! Momma Bev got this deal of the year at a rummage sale for $10!!! All we had to do was buy a new buckle and scrub it down! Little bug was just slightly happy! So guess what…you may be seeing a few pics like this to come. Aren’t you lucky!

Happy Sweet Sunday! Don’t even try to compare, ’cause mine was better 😉 lol, I’m really not that mean!

What did you do today?
Anyone go for a run?



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3 responses to “First USA tradition: Sweet Sunday

  1. Look at you, being all American already. Going to fairs, eating junk food, living it up. Glad you’re back home and loving life!

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