Runners Nook: Racing against the hail

A few tips I’ve learned since moving back to the USA.
1.) Go to the grocery store full, the fresh-baked muffins are hard to resist.
2.) Sam’s Club on a Saturday at noon is like Black Friday, avoid it unless you are there to snack on the food
3.) The coffee is no bueno, make one at home
4.) Run right away in the morning, or else you might slip and fall on this…

Or get poked in the eye by this…

Or if you are thirsty, you could get brain-freeze from a mouthful of these…

I am facisnated that it’s now hailed 3 times and we’ve only been here 2 1/2 weeks. What’s up with that?

I didn’t run into hail during my 15 miles, but that title made you wonder, huh! Cheeky of me, I know! So, my run…I would split it up into 3 parts: boring, great, torture.

Boring: Miles 1-4. This was the time it took to get from the house to the proper running trails. It’s a main road therefore all I saw were little strip-malls and apartment complexes.

Great: Miles 5-11. I stepped onto the running and biking trails and felt transformed into another city. Lush, green parks with ponds, playgrounds and UNLIMITED (clean and well-stocked) public restrooms, I had entered runner’s paradise. I got to discover shortcuts around the downtown area, become more familiar with the city layout and wave “hello” to fellow fitness enthusiasts!

Torture: Miles 12-15. Ok, legs are starting to hurt and throb. Let’s get this baby over with. With 30 minutes to go, I knew I could hold out but I lost a slight bit of enjoyment which is never fun. I run for fun. I run for the adrenaline rush. I run because I feel free. I was not feeling free. I was not feeling the adrenaline rush. This was not fun. Then I look at my watch and see that I only have about 20 seconds to go! Yay, I quicken my pace and lengthen my strides, which felt SOOOO dang good! And there, I was done! I felt GREAT. So what was all this whining and fussing about?

At the end of a great morning run is a great morning breakfast. Hubby and babes met me downtown. Today we tried Tally’s Silver Spoon.

She loves her stinky Mommy!

I kept is simple with some carbs: 2 blueberry pancakes

In true Kristen Style, I could only finish 1 and took the other home for an afternoon snack! If I haven’t informed you yet, I am the master of the doggybag! Hubby went with the classic Eggs Benedict!

I think he’s trying to make his family back in Spain a bit jealous! Little bug had her restaurant standard: eggs — no salt and dry wheat toast.

She’s in need of a haircut! That baby-mullet’s getting a big out of control!


It’s time to relax and watch a movie. The perfect way to end the weekend! Adios ya’ll 🙂


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