Baby Nook: Baby Sling review + my excuses

What’s it been – a week now! Oops. Sorry ’bout that. We’ve been east river in the Sioux Fall, SD area visiting my family and friends!

Little bug met her uncle, auntie, cousins, great-grandma, great-aunties & uncles and new playmates of her own!

It was 5 days of pack-n-play, napless, rushing-around-meeting-everyone extravaganza!

We even visited my hometown of Emery (population 439 which is up from 419) and had a sweet time at the pool park. I was pumped that all the same equipment and swings were there.

I will say and admit that I skipped my 15 mile run and swapped it for a 6 mile run. 90 degrees with 80% humidity was not my idea of fun and relaxing run. I forgot how disgusting east river SD humidity was! Eww. Gross. Why-do-my-hair yuckiness all-round! I’m not a fan of rushing from store to car in record pace. That should only be saved for torrential down-pours and insane cold temps…not August heat.

Before my 5 days O Fun, I decided it was time to invest in my very own baby carrier since I had to give mine back to sister Laura. Now for the record, I was told to get the Moby wrap from many, many mommies…but I saw lots of cute, fun mommies that I blog-stalk with a baby sling, so I decided to try that out first since it was cheaper. Like a whopping 15 bucks. Here are my thoughts.

Simple, small, reversible, easy instructions and at $24.99, it didn’t break the bank.

Position 1:

This was done on the fly but she was on my hip at one point. I like this because I carry her on my hip so much anyways so why not have a carrier help me out a bit. Negative though: she didn’t feel safe. I still had to place my arm underneath her bum a bit to make her feel comfortable and safe. She nor I were too impressed with this position.

Position 2:

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT let that cute smile fool you! She hated this front facing position even more than I did. It was uncomfortable for both parties involved. It was dangerous getting her into this position as she could have easily squirmed her way out of my arms as I placed her this way. And, she was simply too big.

Overall, I would not recommend this for a baby over probably 10 months old…in my opinion of course. A 4-month-old, yes. A 13-month-old, NO. What I loved about my old baby carrier…

…was that the carrier supported her. I could use both hands to do whatever it was I was doing and I knew that baby was completely safe, happy and comfortable.

Sorry baby sling, you weren’t my cup of tea. Let’s say farewell to baby sling…

…now give me back my $24.99! I broke the bank and spent the extra $15 and bought the Moby Wrap as suggested by countless moms and love it! Little bug feels weightless in it. Sorry, no pics yet.

Lesson learned.

In other baby news. I HEART rummage sales…still!

Winter pjs, jeans, a cute spring dress for next year and…

…barely worn baby Nikes all for $5! Seriously. You should see that state of the jeans, I’m guessing they were only washed once! Some people think it’s absolutely gross, the whole wearing someone elses clothes thing but I see it as another way of “going green.” Plus, Nikes for a $1 (a buck, 100 pennies, 4 quarters, 10 dimes…) how can a girl go wrong!

Other world breaking news:
I got a new ‘do (thank you to my fab hair dresser for rescuing my hair)
We are in full-blown job applying mode
My grandma still makes the best cookies
Little bug has 1 and potentially 2 boyfriends already and she had her first trip to the library today (exciting adventures to come in that department)
Car-hunting has officially started
Express in the Sioux Falls mall is still my clothing haven

I know what you’re thinking. Wow, I wasted 5 minutes of my day to read this post but hey what can I say. After a week of being absent, I really can’t explain every single thing that I found fascinating!

So what do you think:
To rummage or not to rummage sale it up?
What kind of vehicle would you recommend to a small family?
Could your grandma’s cookies compete with mine? (p.s. that answer is no)

So tomorrow hopefully I am going to tell you why my mom is a fitness rockstar. She’s had 5 kids, is over 60 and still has “pipes.” Superstar fitness role model…that’s my mom!


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  1. I’ve always been curious about those little slings. Now I know better!

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