Shopping is Harder than Running

Shopping, like proper shopping, is something I rarely do more than once a month. When that so-called shopping is done, it lasts about 2 1/2 hours.

In 2 days I shopped twice with my mom for 3 + hours at a time with little or no break. I am pooped, knackered, exhausted, gobsmacked…however you want to say it, I am tired. Farmers market, health food stores, Target, antiquing, the mall, grocery stores, and more…my senses have been overloaded so much that my brain hurts and my eyes are tired from all the looking. I’m so not used to this. I ain’t a complainin’ though! With the summer sales going on, I scored big style with clothes for hubby. And Target…everything is so shiny and perfect and screams “buy me, buy ME.” How do they do it, I don’t know!

Now I’m going to show you a picture and you guess what it means?

Here are some guesses:
1. On the way to run
2. Heading out to rummage sales
3. Breakfast at Perkins
4. Walmart run for diapers

Those are all such valid answers too. If you guessed “2” then you are correct!  My dad and I headed out with coffee in hand to rummage sales! Only in the US…I love it! 7am was the start time but I wanted first dibs on little girl clothes at one nearby. It’s amazing how this is the new weekend sport. 3 locations, 10 bucks and I scored some sweet deals: a board game, baby clothes (hat, shirt, jeans, pjs), hubby shorts and 9 childrens books (all classic titles).

Quickly about this coffee shown above, you all know how I feel about my coffee making skills…well my dad also has a spinner. It is the USA deluxed Tim-the-toolman-Taylor of spinners. Sister Laura, check out the motor on that thing! You could make pancakes with this thing it’s so powerful!

Back to shopping…the farmers market isn’t the best here but I’ll take what I can get! I love that I can ask the locals as many insane questions about their produce and animal raising and they answer me without rolling their eyes!

I only walked away with some tiny onions and apple butter. The apple butter was from the oldest, most hunched over little man that I couldn’t resist his half-toothless smile. Really, do you think someone like that pumps their goods full of crap? I think not. Plus I felt better just buying from “gramps.”

It was then on to Antiquing….this killed all my senses. There was WAY too much good stuff.

This one was my fav: a 1940s baby dish! I REALLY, really want this for little bug’s room for her little hair bits. I have a good rule for antiques: look, walk away and think about it for a few days, then if you are still thinking about it, then buy it! Other “think about it items” included: a minty green/blue book shelf, giant Ball jars, 2 different pitchers (jugs), a proper tea set (yes, MIL for you when you come at Xmas), a 1950s simplicity dress pattern, wooden blocks, and a few other things that I can’t remember, but if I can’t rememeber them then they probably aren’t that important to me. Oh, the OTHER rule I have about antiques and things for the home in general…it has to have a purpose. I will not buy something unless it is 1. will be used (like a water pitcher, book shelf, blocks) or 2. it has a special sybolic meaning (items would probably be religious items and such). This is a great rule because then I know I won’t have a shelf full of “old junk” sitting there collecting dust.

So, interesting factoid about me…I am not a cell phone girl. We just purchased our two phones for a small fortune and I think (I know) I annoyed the salesguy because I didn’t want anything extra. No internet, no email checking. I just want a phone that can call people (remember when we used to talk on our cell phones) and text. That is it. Hubby is opposite of me which is great so if I HAVE TO check an email, I still can! But really, I just wanted the cheapest phone possible that would work. Strange?…I say no. I’m old school and proud of it. I was so tempted to take my cell phone from 4 years ago and have it reactivated but then realized I had no idea where the chargers were. I promise the phone wasn’t the size of my shoe either!

A quick hubby update: he’s played 4 football games. Well I guess I’ll call them soccer games now. I’ll be nice, we’ll just say that it was slower than I’m used to back in Spain.
 Little bug is totally agreeing that the ball was off-sides. She lasted pretty  much the entire match which is better than I did. But hubs is doing great. He’s really loving how incredibly nice Americans are and the general lifestyle.

Ok, on to Tuesday. See, this is what I get for being a lazy blogger. I have good reasoning though!

We went up through Spearfish and around the scenic byway area! I forgot how breathtaking and beautiful it is in this area.

I am very excited to take little bug in her new baby hiker and start exploring the areas on foot!

Little bug is water obsessed like no other. We could have spent all day here.

Our first USA family picture!

Sorry for the randomness of this post. I’m too busy catching up on sleep, heading to target, going to parks, hangin’ on the “beer bench” with dad and the neighbors and in general enjoying my parents. I’ll try and get back into it as soon as I can!



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2 responses to “Shopping is Harder than Running

  1. Alicia Reiners

    Love the pictures of the hills! Hopefully we will be out again Labor Day weekend. You going to be around?

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